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Sample Train Signals

These signals are standard for most US railroads. 
Some railroads may vary. Check with your railroad before using any signal here.
This page offered as a good starting place for beginners.  Print and keep with you while operating or assisting your train.

Hand or Lantern Signals Whistle Signals Track Signals
rule8a Stop- Swung horizontally at right angle to the track. 1 short blast

Stopped- Apply brakes or wheel chocks.

Stop- Full stop before reaching the signal. Do not enter this block.
rule8c Proceed - Raised and lowered vertically. 2 short blasts

Start - Indicates the intention to start a standing train

Proceed - You are cleared to enter this block.
rule8d Back - Swung in a circle at right angle to the track. 3 short blasts

Back - Indicates the intention to back up a standing train

Caution - Be prepared to stop at next signal (slow down).

    2 longs, 1 short and 1 long
(the final long being held until the train has entered the crossing)

Grade Crossing - Sound signal when approaching public crossings (roads, streets or walkways).

    1 extra long

Track Crossing - Approaching railway crossings at grade. Whistle blast must be held until crossing is occupied by the train.