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Photo Submission 


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I'm taking any large scale, rideable,  model railroading subject.  Including: "Steam", "Diesel", "Trolleys", "Traction Locomotives", "Rolling Stock" or almost anything else.   The categories are:

Motive Power: Steam  This category can be realistic or it can have other elements in it that give away the fact that it's a scale model.  Either is fine for this category. 
Motive Power: Other than steam Same as above except the locomotive can be powered by gasoline (petrol) or electric or some means other than steam power.
Scale model structures that appear along the track of a riding scale railroad. The photos must be of scale model structures for Rideable railroad equipment. It's ok so show trains or people in the photo along with the structure.
People Enjoying the Hobby.  These photos are of humans (of all ages) riding on or standing with or working on Riding Scale equipment.


Photo Submission



You nominate the winners (starting in November)

Anyone can vote.  Only one ballet per e-mail address please.  The top vote getters will be the finalists. The order of the winners (1st prize, 2nd etc.) will be chosen by an expert panel of judges made up of last year's winners and our sponsors.


Note: Photo pages are optimized to work best when viewed at 800 x 600 pixel resolution or higher 16 bit (high color) or better, with Internet Explorer 4.x or Netscape Navigator 4.x or better 

Submitting Photos

We are limiting the number of photos entered this year. Photos that are not up to Photo Contest standards may not get posted.  Not every photo entered will be displayed.

Anyone can enter, (see Rules). except for  those that received a prize in  last year's contest.   You will need to limit yourself to 1 photograph per subject (4 total).  Be sure to send no more than 1 photo for each category!

Submit a photo by clicking here:
Photo Submission 

Photo formats  I can use are jpg (preferred), gif, bmp.  Submitted photos should be 1600 pixels on the longest side maximum. (I will reduce them if you can not). 

Please be ready with following information:  

  • Title of the photograph (if you can't think of one, I'll think of something).
  • Your name, (the name everyone knows you as...such as..."Skeeter Brock")
  • The photographers name (If you are not the photographer, I need the name of the person that actually took the photograph.  He/She will be the prize winner.  Make sure he or she knows the photo is being entered)
  • Interesting information for the caption: What type or wheel arrangement is the locomotive (if known) and/or the manufacture of the equipment (i.e.: MDM diesel/electric model SD50 or Little Engines 4-4-0 American) Any other interesting or useful information such as the location photo was taken, (i.e.; "Illinois Live Steamers track, Chicago Illinois" or "my private track in West Texas"), the name of the folks in the picture, or what's happening in the picture, anything you want to add (i.e.: date loco was built, "Bill and Joe blowing off steam", "Frank's first time out with the new engine" etc.)




Prizes will be shipped direct from the sponsor.  Shipping will be via common carrier, UPS, FedEX etc. FOB: the continental US.  Normal shipping costs are the responsibility of the sponsor .  Additional off shore shipping and export arrangements are the responsibly of the winners.  A cash prize in place of the standard prize my be arranged if agreeable to by both parties.



  1. Photos must be your property, taken by you, not copied from another source. 
  2. The photo must be free of copy write restrictions. In other words, the entered photo can not have been published someplace else such as another web site or a magazine.
  3. All photos submitted become the property of Discoverlivesteam and may be used else ware on this or related site. One example is the Discover Live Steam Photo Memory Game
    Even if you submit your photo here, you can still use it for other purposes.  I ask that you let me know if you use them some place else so we won't wonder if they were used without permission.
  4. If you did not receive a prize last year you are eligible to win this year. If you live in my house, you can not win a prize. All others, except last years winners, are eligible.

Sorry, only one set (4) of photos (one from each category)  per household. 

Photo Shop Editing (digital image manipulation)
Many digital cameras come with software programs to "fix" your photos.   If you need to remove "Red Eye" or correct color or some other problem, go ahead, that's OK.  When it comes to extensive digital manipulation, we do not have a category for photos created mostly by software.  In other words, we can not use photos that have undergone moderate to extensive digital reworking.   If you have any questions on this issue, send in your photo, I'll take a look at it.

Contest Ends

Contest submission ends some time in November.  A winner will be selected when voting and judging is complete.


Contest Sponsorship

The placement of sponsor's "banners"  receives a ton of exposure.   We are promoting this hobby to the ever increasing number of live steamers that are on line.  Most of these steamers have been in the hobby for years and are happy to find web sites for live steam suppliers.  Others are just finding out about live steam railroading.  Those folks look to this website as a starting point.  Discover Live Steam specializes in resource data such as the most complete data base of  Live Steam Tracks and Clubs  any where! And a comprehensive listing of suppliers by gauge.

This is a once a year opportunity.  Don't miss out. 

Sponsors can provide a "banner" ad for us to place or we will design a banner ad (with a link to your web site).  Custom banner design is included.   Banner placement in the contest  and size is based on the value of the prizes offered. 

If you are interested in sponsorship for this year's contest, email me.


History of the Photo Contest

This hobby is made for photography.  The models look so real, the people riding are almost always smiling. How can you miss?   The first year, 1999, I wrote everyone I knew in the hobby and asked for photos. We had some great ones.

In our second year I changed the name of the web site from Jim's Live Steam to  discoverlivesteam.com.  Also that year we spilt the photos into "categories".  During the first contest I noticed the photos could easily be grouped as "realistic" or  "people having fun".  That same year we introduced "prizes" donated by Real Trains, Little Engines, Cannonball and Mountain Car. And these prizes were very generous.

The third contest we really started rolling.  We had nine sponsors and 45 photos entered. Live Steamers looked forward to the contest to see some really nice equipment and to see what was new in the hobby. We had photos not just from North America but also from England and France.

In 2003 we offered a special category, "Kids in the Live Steam Hobby".  It proved so popular we made it a permanent feature.

In 2009 we changed our categories.  We will also thin out the photos that are not up to Photo Contest standards.  Our judges word is still final.




Past Photo Contests
2010 | 2009  2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999

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