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2004 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the written permission of Discover Live Steam. All photos are the property of the photographer and  Prior arrangements must be made before any images can be used outside this web site.

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Awaiting Assignment"

Taken at the Riverside & Great Northern Railway's roundhouse on October 10th 2003.  Locomotive is a 15" gauge Sandley, 4-4-2 Atlantic built in 1961 for the Milwaukee Zoo, where it still runs today. At the time of the picture it is at the R&GN for the 51st Anniversary Party about to depart on a special night run.

Photogrpaher: Phil Zagone

Corbin At The Controls

Engineer Corbin at the controls of Granddad's Rail Systems SW900, the home track October 2003.

Photographer: Mrs. Brian Banks

Head end Solemnity

A triple header at Pennsylvania Live Steamers, hoggers heads bowed in operators reflection concentrating on making he grade. Two NYC Hudson's and a Soo Northern struggling uphill on the 1.5% grade at PLS on a fine spring day.

Photographer: Jeff Paris

Altamonte Pass Railroad Bad Boys

Altamonte Pass RR, Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Custom built 24 volt (4-12V batteries) Roll Models speeder w/ Phoenix sound.. Features include siren, electronic air horn, flashing strobes, two camera's, one wireless the other records 6 hours of HDTV video.  

Photogrpaher: Jerry Selwyn, Sr.

The End Of The Line.

At the end of the ride, a youth looks hopeful for another one.  At the Eagle Point Railroad, July 2002

Photogrpaher: Debora DeVries

The New Engine

Larry Taylor operates his new Dash-9 locomotive for the first time on his Eagle Point RR on 3-5-2004.

Photographer: Rick Henderson,

New-Dash 9

Looking just like its prototype, Dash-9 #9723 crosses Stone Creek on the Eagle Point Railroad in March 2004.

Photographer: Rick Henderson,

Steaming Up

Taken at Busch Garden's Virginia, Summer 2003. Aplengeist Express is steaming up getting ready for a trip around the park.

Photographer: Norma Churilla

Hardtop or Opentop???

A pair of Tinkerbell 0-4-2T engines on our 7.25 inch railway at Thornes Park, Wakefield in the UK. December 2003. Despite the sun it was cold and we were open all through the Christmas period. 

Photographer: Phil Durrell

"Topping off one's water"

Taken at Eagle Point Railroad, Dunlap. TN in the Fall of 2003. 

Photographer:  Ryan Liggett

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Ozarks Little Railroads


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