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First Place
Erik Stroetinga

Old and new steam generation:
My dad (73) explaining the locomotive details to my then 4 year old son.
Locomotive a 3.5" Rob Roy (0-6-0 tank engine designed by Martin Evans and build by my Dad) 
Photo by Erik Stroetinga

Second Place
Bret Kueber

This is the engine we finished this spring in 8-1/2 months. the
picture was taken at our club's track. (Lake Shoe Live Steamers) in Kirtland, Ohio, in May of 1999. Photo by Bret Kueber

Third Place
George Berg

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 1/2" scale narrow gauge 10 wheeler. Picture by George,
built by George Berg (Outta Argle, Texas) Just bought by Karl Hovanitz, (new owner of Bitter Creek Western)

Fourth Place
Robert Herronen

Tinytown, Colorado; Engine 10 again running in the snow uphill near the cut. The night before our "volunteer picnic" it had snowed and we were delighted to run the engine in such conditions.  It is a very sure-footed engine.  This year she was out getting her valves rebuilt but she is back in service now. 
Photo by Robert Herronen

Fifth Place
Dan Andrews

1.5" pacific owned & built by Norman Krueger (Golden Gate LS Club) Berkeley, Ca. 
Photo by Dan Andrews at the BCWRR last year

Picture of me

Congratulations to the top finishers!  GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS! 

Our first annual photo contest was a complete success!  We had some really positive feedback.  Thanks to our sponsors for donating the prizes.  A big thank you to all the photographers who entered pictures.  And I what to thank all of you for voting.  It was a tough job picking out only 3 to vote for.

I hope we see all of you at next year's contest.

Jim O'Connor

These are some of the comments that came along with the votes.

Great pictures!  I used to work for The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company (logo is a locomotive) and it makes me want to go and do an internal inspection on a locomotive boiler!

 I picked #26 as first place as this depicts the ideal live steam picture. With a youngster showing interest in live steam, the future of our hobby, and an oldster willing to show their knowledge of these little mechanical marvels to these youngsters. This is the best way to insure the continuation of the live steam hobby.

 #15 gets my second vote for great realism. This could have been taken at any rural passing siding in the golden age of steam.

 #30 is just a good photo of how I would like to see myself on my own live steam track in the future.....not too distant future. Hauling a work train around on a nice clear afternoon.

Thanks for running this competition!

I like the contest, wish some of the pics were better including my own. Next will be on a cd.

I liked 27 because it shows a hard working steam pulling a full revenue load.

I think that the picture of the Grandfather - grandson should win hands down. As Trevor Heath noted to me.
"You know, every time I look at that photo of the old man and the kid I feel I'm looking at something really special. I think that photo could win a much
bigger non live steam competition." I couldn't say it any better myself. I hope you plan on doing this again next year and I'll do my best to participate and also find you a sponsor or two.

All good photos, very nice page.

These are tough choices.  A lot of pictures that were less-than-tops photographically, still showed scenes that you could appreciate.

# 19 Incredible job in 8 months!

Congradulations to all the winners from beautiful British Columbia. I didn't vote for the first place winner but I wish I had. It's a great photograph! It says it all.