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How To Fire a Steam Locomotive
Part 1 and Part 2

By Curtis Hustac

Featuring Mike Venezia from Little Engines and Iron Acres Railroad.      DVD

Part #1 Have you ever wanted to know what’s involved in firing up a steam locomotive? If you've been hesitant to get involved in live steam engines because you've never fired up an engine, this step by step video will enable you to make that move into the fantastic Live Steam World. Join Mike Venezia, a 15+ year veteran of building and operating steam locomotives, and owner of Little Engines of New Jersey, as he takes you step-by-step through the process of firing up a steam engine quickly, safely and efficiently. After watching "How To Fire A Steam Locomotive," you'll know exactly what is involved in preparing the locomotive for firing , as well as the actual firing of the engine, as you're guided through this entire process by a pro.

From experienced live steamers to those new to this exciting hobby, you'll find "How to Fire a Steam Locomotive" a must for your collection!

Join us on location at the Largo Central Railroad in Largo, Florida as we show you . . . . . . . How To Fire A Live Steam Locomotive!  read the back cover

Part #2  Now that you got the fire going from part one, learn how to manage the locomotive while on the HighIron! 46min approx. Use the Johnson Bar and Throttle to control speed and direction.  Work the fire to have enough steam when you need it.  Learn all the controls including the brake stand, blower, injectors, pumps, gauge glass and more.


Delivery in about 3 weeks. Write me with your questions


How To Fire a Steam Locomotive Part 1
DVD $19.95
+$5 S&H  

How To Fire a Steam Locomotive Part 2
DVD $19.95
+$5 S&H  


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