Railroad Trivia Challenge 6

        January 08, 2013

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April 2, 2005-The 2005 contest has concluded.
A tie breaker question is being formulated now.
Watch this page for details.

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Trivia Challenge #6
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20 Questions,
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13 correct)

Instructions:  Choose the best answer for each question. 


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1. What was the wheel arrangement of this famous locomotive?


From a suggestion from Matt (traindude).

2. In railroading, the initials R.E.A. stood for__________?

Railroad Express Agent
Railway Employment Application
Railway Engineer's Association
Railway Express Agency

From a suggestion from Martin McGuan

3. Which of the following is NOT used to add water to a live steam locomotive?

Crosshead pump
Axle pump

4. Pocahontas is a _____________ ?

Female railroad employee
Spike puller bar
Clean burning fuel
Water soluble steam oil

5. In what country did this powerful diesel first run?

United States

6. "George" was a nickname for ______________ ?

The engineer
The station agent
The porter
The ticket agent

7. Who is widely credited with the building the first steam railway locomotive to pull a train?

George Stephenson
James Watt
William Hedley
Richard Trevithick

From a suggestion by Ian Sheppard

8. Which locomotive was depicted in the 2004 film "The Polar Express" ?


9. R.Abt was the developer of __________ .

The standard railroad signal system.
The first successful steam superheater.
The Westinghouse automatic train brake.
Track system used for steep grades.

10. Which gauge has the most track currently laid in North America?


11. In a steam locomotive, steam under pressure is referred to as:


12. In the US, the wide spread use of knuckle couplers was mandated by the ...

Railway Safety Act of 1985
Safety Appliance Act of 1893
Railroad Safety Act of 1966
The Department of Transportation (DOT) in 1966

13. In most diesel locomotives used today, the torque at the axle is delivered by means of _________ power.

all of the above

14. The Midland Railway Company, Emu Bay Railway Company, Queensland Government Railway are railways from _____________ .

United States

15. According to our source, California operates the most miniature railroads in the US (44 miniature railroads). Which of the following states ranks second?


16. "Buckeye" style freight car trucks use ________ ?

0 axles
1 axle
2 axles
3 axles

17. This old ______________ once ran on Chicago's "Elevated" line.


18. Before diesel locomotive giant Electro-Motive was called "EMD", it was known as _________ .


19. Electro-Motive's first "distillate" railcar  used a ___________ engine.


20. Union Pacific's answer to the CB&Q "Zephyr" was the _____________ .

Aero train
City of Los Angeles

April 2, 2005-The 2005 contest has concluded.

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There are 20 questions on this test. Most of the questions are tough.  Some are very difficult. The average score is 13 correct (which is a pretty high score considering the difficulty of the test).  If you had a perfect score, I will contact you after the contest has concluded to ask a tie breaker question.  Contest will end April 2, 2005

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Thanks to these folks for submitting questions:

Matt (traindude), Martin McGuan, Ian Sheppard and others.

How well did you do?

  • If you scored less than 8 correct answers, sorry. Have you ever considered go-cart racing or golf as a hobby?

  • If you scored 8-10 correct answers, you are interested in railroading. Keep visiting our site.

  • If your score was in the 11-13 correct range, you're an average railfan. Your railroad knowledge is way above the average non-railfan.

  • A score of 14-15 correct. Good Job. Your in the right place.

  • If your score was 16-17 correct, Great job. Your score puts you in the upper levels. It's a very difficult test and you really have to be good to get this score.

  • If your score was between 18-19 correct, GREAT JOB! You really know your railroad trivia. You are among the very best!

  • If you scored 20 correct. Perfect!


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Railroad Trivia Challenge Rules

The questions.

The questions have been carefully researched.  In all cases, the source material that was used to write the questions will be the final word. This contest is just for fun. If you think you have a correct answer, and I think it was wrong,  you will be asked to write the next contest and grade them all yourself.

The answers.

Select the best answer for each question.

Who can play?

Anyone can play but to be eligible for prizes you must...

  • ...not have won something from us in the past 120 days.
  • ...be at least 18 years of age.
  • ...not submit more that one entry per household or email address.
  • ...not share answers with others (cheat).

Winners chosen.

The winner(s) will be the entrants with the best score(s).  In the case of a tie, the winner(s) will be selected at random or if time permits, a tie breaker question will be offered.   

Prizes. (if prizes are offered)

For Magazine Subscriptions. 

Domestic postage will be paid by the publisher.  International postage may be the responsibility of the winner.  Check with us for details trivia@discoverlivesteam.com

All other prizes

Prizes will be shipped direct from the sponsor.  Shipping will be via common carrier, UPS, FedX etc. FOB: the continental US.  Normal shipping costs are the responsibility of the sponsor.  Additional off shore shipping and export arrangements are the responsibly of the winners.  A cash prize in place of the standard prize my be arranged if agreeable to all parties. 

Good Luck



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