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        January 08, 2013

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The best 2 finishers will receive their choice of these videos:  Train Mountain Triennial 2003, Big Little Railways Continued. The top 10 trivia winners will each receive their choice of these fine publications:  Grand Scales Quarterly, 7+RAILROADER
Some winners will receive Watercolor prints of the
Golden Spike Engines  from T&MC Enterprises

Trivia Challenge #5
Choose the best answer.

20 Questions,
(average score;
13 correct)

Instructions:  Choose the best answer for each question.  The correct answers are marked but hidden.  To see an answer, use your cursor to "highlight" the answer. Hold your mouse button down as you drag the pointer across the answers, the white letters will be revealed. 

Example:  (correct) hidden text in parenthesis. Hold the mouse button down and drag the pointer across the hidden text.


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1. Where did Richard Trevithick build and test this steam railway locomotive in 1804?  United Kingdom

United States
South Africa
United Kingdom correct


2. On an air brake system, what is "the big hole"?  Emergency brake position

An open or defective brake pipe
Full brake release
Full brake apply
Emergency brake position correct


3. The electric Multiple Unit control system was invented by Frank J. Sprague?

Erik Van de Poole
Thomas E. Edison
Frank J. Sprague correct
Alexander G. Bell


4. In railroad steam service, what does the term "Tallow pot " refer to? The locomotive fireman or The fireman's lubricant container

The locomotive fireman correct
The fireman's lubricant container correct
Hot stew on the cabooses' pot belly stove
The Pullman Car's newest porter.


5. The Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Pacific Railroad's "Little Joe" electric locomotives were originally built for export to what Country? USSR

North Korea


6. When you are given the "highball", you have a clear track ahead.

it's quitting time, head for the pub
activate the rotating warning beacon
you must apply full forward power
you have a clear track ahead


7. The Western Maryland Railway was chartered in what year?  1852

1852 correct


8. An explosive warning device that is attached to the rail is called a torpedo ?

black flag
bangor signal
claymore signal
torpedo correct


9. What is a Cabbage Car? A combination Cab and Baggage car.

A combination Cab and Baggage car. correct
Locomotive with the prime mover removed.
A clocking car.
A caboose with a bay window.


10. "Doodlebug" is the common name for what? Self propelled rail car.

Hand car.
Track maintenance speeder with no roof.
Self propelled rail car. correct
A slacker or time waster.


11. What is "Three Point Protection" in railroading? System to protect workers between cars.

Safety harness seat belt for the engineer.
System to protect workers between cars. correct
"Fail Safe" ground fault signaling system.
Brake system for penalty applications.


12. In which film did the main characters travel on the "20th Century Limited"? North by North West.

Some Like It Hot.
Silver Streak.
The Emperor of the North.
North by North West. correct


13. In the "Harry Potter" movie "Chamber of Secrets", Harry nearly collides with a clock tower from what London railway station? St. Pancras Station

King's Cross Station
Victoria Station
Paddington Station
St. Pancras Station correct


14. Train scenes from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" were filmed at Durango and Silverton.

Cumbres & Toltec
Roaring Camp and Big Trees
Durango and Silverton correct


15. The "RPO Car" can also be called The Mail Car.

The Baggage Car
The Mail Car correct

The Business Car
The Pallor Car


16. Crummy, brainbox, shanty, and hack are all names for the caboose.

the station agent office
the conductor
the engineer
the caboose correct


17. This locomotive is from  the Alaska Railroad.

Santa Fe, freight div.
Western Illinois Railroad
Alaska Railroad correct


18. The most famous railroad photograph of all time was taken taken by Andrew J. Russell.

Andrew J. Russell correct
Ansel Adams
Mathew B. Brady
Alfred Stieglitz


Great Event
19. The first official run of a Great Western broad gauge train to Bristol
departed from
Paddington Station?

King's Cross Station
Victoria Station
Paddington Station correct
St. Pancras Station


20. A "frog" is the x shaped section on a turnout.

a track laborer
the y section of track used as a "turn-around"
the x shaped section on a turnout correct
the conductor of the train

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This test has 20 Questions, Average Score 12 Correct

Thanks to these folks for submitting questions:

Ian Sheppard, Gary N. Saxton, Ira Schreiber, Lenny Leavitt, Eugene Burns, Chris Allan, Michael Engebretson, Mel Agne, Nic Rinke, Jason Mitchell, Steve Wersing, Ed Kelley

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Railroad Trivia Challenge Rules

The questions.

The questions have been carefully researched.  In all cases, the source material that was used to write the questions will be the final word. This contest is just for fun. If you think you have a correct answer, and I think it was wrong,  you will be asked to write the next contest and grade them all yourself.

The answers.

Select the best answer for each question.

Who can play?

Anyone can play but to be eligible for prizes you must...

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The winner(s) will be the entrants with the best score(s).  In the case of a tie, the winner(s) will be selected at random.


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