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2002 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the written permission of Discover Live Steam. All photos are the property of the photographer and  Prior arrangements must be made before any images can be used outside this web site.


Photographer: Mel Agne
"On the Dolittle, Seemore and Nap Railroad"

Photo taken on the Dolittle, Seemore and Nap railroad, a private road in Northern Pennsylvania.  Taken September 19, 2002 Backyard Rails GP-50, as C&EI #241 One of three Backyard Rails units on the property.

Photographer: Mel Agne
"Matthias At The Throttle"

Backyard Rails F7-A as WAG #2200 Engineer Matthias Turtle is at the throttle on the Dolittle, Seemore, and Nap railroad in Northern Pennsylvania, near the original Wellsboro Addison and Galeton mainline.

Photographer: Doug Moody
"Crescent Limited"

1.5", 4-6-2 pacific, Southern Crescent Limited PS-4 taken on my store track in South Carolina April 27, 2002. The engine was purchased used in 1996 and was rebuilt and detailed by me  in 2000. It has Klamath Baker valve gear, sand and steam dome, Mercer headlight, Ulin air compressor, Superscale whistle Super Power Detail generator, David Moore power reverse, and the tender, Feed water system, and Boiler check valves scratch built by me.

Photographer: Henry E. Balinski
"The CB&Q"

3 in scale 14 1/8" gauge model of a Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad class A2 4-4-0 locomotive, circa 1915.  The locomotive is being built by me, Henry E. Balinski and my son Henry R. Balinski and is about 90% complete. It has been fully operational and running for the past 3 years. We have a private operation located in Bristol, Wisconsin. The photo was taken by me Henry E. Balinski, earlier this month.

Photographer: Andrew Mottram
"Young at Heart"

Taken at the home track of Modelbouwvereniging "Het Y" on Sept 29th, 2002.  The locomotive is a  0-4-0 "Hercules" taken on the last running day of the season

In the photograph we see (from left to right) Cor Donker, Kees Keuch, and Aad Naves (builder of the loco) all enjoying a run on the track. Riding the trains is not just for the young... but for the "young at heart".

R20      Photographer: Karl Kobel
"Smoke Box"

Taken at the Deerfield and Roundabout Railway railroad in Illinois.

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