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Easy Spring Switch Throw Mechanism

Photos and text by Paul Karczewski


Here is a super easy to build turnout throw mechanism. I purchased the throw and springs from the McMaster/Carr Company. You can order them at

The throw, part number 5093A84. 


The springs, part number 9657K158.


In addition to the springs and the throw, you will need a stainless (preferred) 5/16 rod, 7" long.  The rod will need to be threaded about 2" in from each end.


You will need a piece of flat stock 1/8th x 3/4" x 8" long.  Drill a hole a little larger then 5/16 bolt (about 1/2") on one end. On than same end measure in 1 1/2" in and bend it to 90 degrees.  Round off the corners of that end.



You will need to attach that piece to the points of the turnout (or switch) as shown it the photo. The photos also show how to put it together and mount it. I found this to work really well.


Photos and text by Paul Karczewski


the end



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