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October  13, 2006 

2006 Long Island Live Steamers. Used here by permission.

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Long Island Live Steamers'
40th Anniversary Meet


Ted Fishman, Fred Bonffard, Tom Oversluizen and Frank Kobylars.

Written by John C. Mehrling

A year of planning and work came together during a long weekend of celebration from July 20 to the 23rd.  The weather forecast was less than optimistic, so the opening crew set up a series of tent s over the main meeting and eating area and over portions of the steaming bays.  The Steinbergs brought out a canopy to cover the Welcome Booth at the first parking lot.  Volunteers took turns thought the weekend welcoming visitors and helping them get situated at our facility.

A pattern of arriving, unloading and running on the track, running for cover from the rain and eating began on Thursday and continued through out the entire weekend.  Rain was a constant visitor but seldom stayed for long. Food was provided by 2 teams; Connie and Dennis Hennington on Thursday and Friday, Judie Warden and Tony Greiner on Saturday and Sunday.

The high point of the celebration came on Saturday with the Golden Spike Ceremony on the Highline in pouring rain. The festivities were then moved to the main tent so that we could continue to celebrate our club and those who have helped us during the last few years.  Then, that evening we had a meal that continued the celebration - food for royalty.

Our visitors came from all over eastern North America- Montreal Live Steamers, Florida Live Steamers, Mid-South Live steamers, Pennsylvania Live Steamers, New Jersey Live Steamers, Pioneer Valley Live Steamers, Adirondack Live Steamers, and Waushakum Live Steamers.  We were honored and delighted by their presence. Because of them, trains ran almost continuously- with the exception of rain delays; because of them, it was a wonderful way to share our hobby.

The whole project worked because of the active participation of many members; Highline builders, groundline track and structure builders, Welcome Booth volunteers, cooks, volunteers to shuck the corn, and many many more.  All day and into the evening, members worked together to make this a wonderful celebration.  George Quilies and Ralph Lombardi oversaw the organization of the Meet.  We owe them and all the others our heartfelt thanks for a job "Well Done"


Written by John C. Mehrling

This article appeared in the Long Island Live Steamers' news letter "Smoke Signals" and is used here with permission.

A word about Long Island Live Steamers
from the LILS web site

"The Long Island Live Steamers have been called the best kept secret on Long Island. Although we have thousands of visitors each year, most of our advertising is by word of mouth.

LILS is located in Southaven County Park in eastern Long Island, NY. Our goal is to promote the hobby of building steam engines of all kinds. Our members have built and bought all sorts of stationary as well as railroad related steam engines. You might even get to see a miniature steam powered tractor running around on our display table.

We also promote model railroading with two scale operating railroads. Our steam, diesel and electric trains are big enough to ride! Visit the About Us page for more information on our club and its activities. The Trackplan pages detail our two railroads."





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