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October  19, 2002 

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So you want to visit the
National Railroad Museum

in Green Bay Wisconsin

by Thomas Bloomquist


The Aerotrain

The National Railroad Museum is located on Ashland Avenue on the west side of Green Bay. When you go there look to your right and you'll see a train station. In that train station is where the model trains are displayed. The people there have been building that display for about 5 or 6 years now and they're still not done adding detail!

When you exit the train station before you go into the museum make sure to take a look at the miniature trains. There's a Hudson and an A-4 class out side the museum near the wooden fence. The miniature Hudson was originally used at Bay Beach Amusement Park on the east side of Green Bay right off the Tower Drive Bridge.

In the outside display contains a collection of diesel and steam locomotives. The Aerotrain, I believe, is where it has always been, near the train station. But if it is not there it would probably be at the second display building with the old steam engine that took people for rides around the Fox River. A diesel locomotive now takes over its job.

Annually every year Thomas the Tank Engine comes to give rides. He will be here all month! Right out side the second display building you can sometimes go inside the diesel locomotives such as an F3 which was once used by Southern Pacific Lines. Right on the side of the diesels you will see a pump car. two people drove this by pulling up and pushing down the handle to make it move.

The steam locomotives in the second display room you can tinker around with the confusing bunch of handles, levers, dials, and wheels. You can one time imagine how much work it would have taken running these locomotive during the age of steam. But now you can understand why steam locomotive are barley used, they were very expensive to run over the years.

If you go into the Museum, make sure you go to the theatre on the right side when you enter the front entrance. There is a merchandise store for a souvenir to remember your trip to the Green Bay National Railroad Museum. When you enter the large scale model train display room look for a very large lighted up model of the Aerotrain with all its cars. The life size Aerotrain doesn't have it's cars. But the model can give you a view of what the cars looked like inside. The Aerotrain sort of reminds me of a Boeing 747 because of the cab being on the top. There is plenty of train artwork which is mostly painted by Adolf Vandertie, a close friend to my friend.

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Now when you enter the first display building that is attached to the model display room ask an employee if you would be able to take a look inside the Big Boy. I know they won't let anyone into the Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Electric Pennsylvania as they were recently and fully restored. The Big Boy I'm pretty sure they'll let you take a look inside. There are many cabooses in the buildings and out in the yard. You would probably find this a very impressive place to go to

Author and photographer: Thomas Bloomquist




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