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Side Dump Gravel Car

Written by Laurence Johnson

After seeing this old engraving from a book that was published in 1879 I decided I could design and manufacture something of the same design. This past winter (Ď08) this was one of five cars I built. On the right you can see a picture of the first trial run of the car in action. It works! It does not follow the gravel and derail. Nor does it dump gravel on the rails. The switch stand shown in the upper right photo has not been used much until this spring; it is one corner of a Wye that was not completed until last fall just before freezing weather. This spring when Janetís Hostas came on they grew right up to the edge of the right of way and did not allow enough room for the engineer/switchman to walk past the cars. The MoW Side Dump Car really came in handy for this application. It only carries 0.96 cu ft (100 pounds) which is plenty of gravel for maintenance work along my right of way.


Written by Laurence Johnson

©Discover Live Steam. This material may not be published, rewritten, or redistributed without written permission.


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