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Our web visitors have suggested these companies to handle shipping for heavy purchases such as locomotives.*

 *DiscoverLiveSteam.Com can not endorse these companies.  We offer this list only as possible shippers.  The shipper you use it entirely up to you.  We can not be responsible for any damage, delay or other issues that can arise in the shipping process.


Freightquote.com I used Freightquote.com to get a rate and ship the locomotive bell. The agent's name is Bob. He got us a rate for door to door that was much less than the rates quoted directly on their website or rates on shipper's websites.


I have used Freightquote for the best price after it is crated and uShip for specialty jobs  both great resources
Forwardair.com I have used Forward Air several time for very large 5-7 ft model boats they did a great job also used them to ship a Loco from Detroit to Denver you have to pick up and their location.

A suitable crate will need to be prepared, You drop it off at a regional office near an airport and they ship it to their regional office near an airport in the destination city, and the buyer is required to pick it up at their warehouse, home delivery is not an option, they are extremely reasonable and reliable.

UPS Freight UPS Freight used to be Overnight Motor Freight, owned by UPRR. UPS bought it, it is not the little package pick up and delivery trucks. But rather eighteen wheelers. They will get very completive and like anything UPS does it gives excellent service. We use them all the time.  Another point do not interline, means if who ever they use does not go all the way and has to use someone else (another truck line) there will be extra charges, make sure who ever you use goes portal to portal. (door to door) That being said, it would be cheaper to delver the engine to the shipping truck terminal and pick it up from the truck line at the terminal of destination, you will save additional charges.
FedEx UPS, and FedEx. The only problem with them is that you have to take some pieces off (smoke stack, trucks, cow catcher, snow plow, etc.)
The Freight Rate Co. I have used Freight Rate company to ship all kinds of equipment. Good rates. Of course it all depends on how well it is crated and if it is palletized.

Yellow Freight

Custom Locomotives Inc.
27575 SO. Gribble Rd.
Canby OR 97013
503-833-2064 cell
We ship locomotives across the States.  We have our own trucks and can go to any 48 USA states.  Call for a quote and to schedule a pick-up. 

Ron Schmidt

Jon Jaros Available immediately, crating and LTL trucks are available with Lift-gates for residential delivery. Contact me for a shipping quote.  440.478.8009


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