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First Class Ad

I personally pre-screen the buyers to help make the "First Class Ad"
Spam and Scammer Resistant!  Your email address will not posted.


Up to 3 color pictures of equipment for no extra charge. Your ad will run for as long as one year (maximum).
(recommended for locomotives, high end rail cars or other harder to sell items).  Be sure to include:  Scale, Gauge, and Asking Price. It's also a good idea to give a general location.  That way, you potential buyers can determine if they can pick up the item or if it will need to be shipped.

Here is the catch (if you want to call it that): No charge if item fails to sell.  If item sells AND ONLY if it sells via this web site, we request a commission of 2% (two percent) of the sale price. Minimum commission is $20 (commission chart). If you are selling several of the same item, the commission is not per item but for the entire lot. If you are selling items that can not be grouped together, commission is $20 each.


We understand this is far less than the required commission of those auction houses (am I allowed to say ebay?), but our results are excellent and our costs are low.  I charge for this service to generate income to offset my expenses and cover the time spent in operating this web site.  

Two major benefits for you, the seller, are that YOU CONTROL the entire sale. You control the pace and you control the price.  Unlike e-bay, you don't have to take the lowest bid ! And you don't need to sign up or give your credit card info.



Dave from Illinois writes....

"Jim I am getting slammed with!  I had no Idea so many people hit this site or I would have never listed on ebay? ...  It looks like I need to focus with your site!  I will start taking more pics and send them to you because that's what everyone wants."




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Note: If you have problems using the form above,




Did you know that ebay charges the seller an average of 10% of the selling price?

Here are my suggestions on what to include in your ad:

  • general area where equipment can be viewed (buyers get more excited if it's within driving distance).

  • asking price

  • gauge

  • scale

  • type of fuel (ie; coal, propane, gasoline, etc.)

  • last hydro (hydrostatic pressure test) for steam locomotives only

  • if locomotive, when was the last time it was operated (if not currently running)

  • age of equipment

  • send some good photos that include close up details

  • It's no longer suggested to have your phone number on the ad.  You may share phone numbers with the buyer once emails are exchanged.

HELPFUL TIP - You need to sell your loco or cars? You need 3 things to get folks to drool over your railroad equipment: Photos, Close-up Photos and Extreme Close-up Photos. The best way for folks on the internet to understand how cool your train is, is to have some good photographs.  Wipe off dust and dirt before you take those photos.


Most equipment sells in the first 2 to 4 weeks.  See below.  Asking the proper price is very important.

Scammers.  I look out for and try to screen out all scammers that pray on folks selling stuff on the web.  I look for buyers from Nigeria,  3rd party buyers (no one is buying live steam using a broker), and especially buyers that want you to send off money to his shipper as soon as you get your check. He may also suggest he overpay for shipping and allow you to keep the extra $$$.  I do a good job screening requests for info but it's good to be aware of scammers in case you run into one.



Ad Policies First Class Ads on the For Sale page.

Can my ad be moved back to the top of the page?
Everyone wants the top of the page of course.  There are two ways to get to  the top of the page:

  • New Listings get placed at the top of the page.  That spot doesn't last long.  New ads come in every week and your ad will get bumped down as new ads come in.
  • Dropping your price will also cause your ad to go back to the top.  Not just a dollar or two.  You must reduce your price by at least 5% to get back to the top.
  • Note: If you are in production of a product or have multiple units to sell, I can't relist your ad as new and put it up to the top. One exception is a price reduction of at least 5%. Another exception is that your item must not have been listed on our pages recently (a minimum of 12 months).  If you can't do one of those exceptions, I'm suggesting the purchase of an Entrepreneur (aka Market Place) ad. click here

When your ad starts to sink lower and lower on the page, it should be taken as a sign that your price is higher than folks are willing to pay.  I will keep your ad unchanged for a maximum of 12 months.  After 12 months I will remove your ad without additional notice.

(We reserve the right to edit or remove or refuse any ad we feel does not comply with the spirit of this web site or if we feel the seller is not serious about selling the item.)

Can I remove my ad now and put it back up after the summer?
It's a lot of work putting ads together.  I do it the old fashioned way.  If I do post your ad again, it will go right where it would have been if you had never removed it.  You may as well keep it posted.

Can I sell my train in the US if I live in Europe? 
Yes.  The problems with that type of sale might be customs fees or the exchange rate issues or the fear of scammers that scares folks.

Can I sell my garden scale train here? 
We treat these ads differently. We only ask for a 1% commission which is paid up front. Your ad will run up to one year. You can adjust the price downward at any time you wish. We can post your email address so you can deal with purchasers directly. Or we can hide your email and be the go-between to start things off.

Why was my ad turned down for posting?
I'm trying to keep this web site and the for sale page "focused".  One of the comments I hear is that folks appreciate the fact that they don't have to look at unrelated advertising.  I try to make sure all ads are related to the main focus of this site:  Steam Powered Equipment, Ride-able Railroad Equipment, or machining to produce those.

Will the item you are trying to sell pass this test?
Is your item railroad related and/or
Is it steam powered or
Is it full scale or can a person ride on it (or be pulled by it) and it's a scale model or
Can it be used as an accessory for or used to manufacture one of the above? 

It's a judgment call.  Send it in.  If I find the item is railroad or machine shop related enough, I will carry it.  If I feel that it's stretching the case too much, I will not carry it.  It's totally my call.





The Text Only Ads are Back!

We're calling this our "Classified" section.
Classified ads are for less expensive items that don't require a large ad with photos.  Total price of the sale is limited to $500. Your ad will run for 60 days. At this time, there is no charge to enter a classified ad. Use the Classified button to get started.






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