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These items have been sold on the discoverlivesteam.com  web site on our For Sale page.
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Small Gauge   |  7 and 7 gauge  |  Large Gauge

18" ga. Alco RS1 Diesel


14" ga. Trolley Project


B14 from Chance Manufacturing


16" ga. Locomotive Wheels

MTC G-16 Train, Track & More


Miniature Train MTC E10 & G12

MTC G-16 Power Trucks

2' NAD Train and 12# Track


36" ga. Arch Bar Trucks

24" ga. Williams Train


Kid Steam Hand Cars + Track

MTC G12 Train Bodies/Track

5 Merrick Grand Scale Couplers

15" ga. Oil Fired Mogul

18" ga. Railroad

18" ga. Rustic Mine Car

Kid Steam Ride On Crank Train

  SOLD  the same day 

15" ga. 4-4-0 Train & Track

15" ga. Steamer Project

16"ga Two Truck Shay Project

18"ga Coffman Mogul & Cars

15" ga. Crown and Rail

16" ga. Switch

MTC G-12 Restoration Project

G-12 Train MTC

 12# Rail, Spikes, Splice Bars

Miniature Train E10/G12 Shells

14" ga. Tender

Miniature Train Co. MTC G-16

12"ga. Williams Train & Track

16" ga. Trucks & 20' of 12 Pound Rail

Twelve 5" Scale Couplers

Hodges Amusement Park Railroad

24" gauge Caboose & 2 Coaches

18" ga. Speeder/Inspection Car

MTC G-16 Loco & 2 Cars
15" ga. AH&D Steam Shovel Project

16" ga. Alco A/B Unit Bodies

16" Crown Steam Outline

Three 15" ga. Rio Grande Stock Cars

15" ga. Steam Outline Train

24" gauge Coaches

12" Gauge Speeder

16" ga. Steam Outline Project

10.5" ga. Coal Fired American

2-1/2" scale K-36 "Mike" Castings

18" Porter Compressed Air Loco

12 ga. Loco/ 2 Riding Cars

MTC G-12 needs TLS

16" ga. 4-4-0 Steam Outline

15" Crown, Track, Cars, more

16" ga. MTC Power Trucks

MTC power trucks with all the brakes, wheels and gears in very good condition, selling a pair. One truck is missing the dog bone shaft that connects the 2 gear boxes together, can be made or ordered from supplier. These two trucks have no cracks in the brake hangers and are ready to roll. 5500.00 dollars I am located in the Kansas City area. I could put on pallet and take to airport and ship via FOREWORD AIR  to a airport close to buyer, buyer paying the SHIPPING BILL ONLY (very heavy) Buyer could pick up also, sometimes I travel and I could deliver if I am heading your direction. Located in the greater Kansas City area.

16" ga. MTC Switch

Miniature Trains Company switch 16 in. gauge in great condition, I do not know what # it is but i had it going into a 50 ft. radius curve and a straight away. The switch is spring loaded so you can go back though it in either direction, I had it on my layout for 3 years and never had any problems with it at all. The curved rail coming out of the switch is 30ft.long and the straight is almost 30ft.I DO NOT have the target that goes on the top of the pole on the switch, the whole switch, frog, and points were made by the MTC. It is great condition with no pits or rust on the rails, the rail is 12lb.The rail could be cut to make it smaller to fit on trailer, also the points are 6 ft long and in very good condition can hold it for you till spring or early summer with a deposit.  $1,200.00   Located in the greater Kansas City area.

MTC G16 Restoration Project

MTC G16 Restoration Project for sale. The A unit has had most body work complete. Steel was replaced, not a bondo job. Two new professionally built saddle tanks. Speedy vacuum pump with new rebuild kit and crank assembly. Two new aluminum air horns. Transmission is completely disassembled and includes new gear set (5 in total), seals, bearings, shims, and new machined shafts (shafts have not been keyed). Four drives are also disassembled and castings sandblasted and painted. Worm drive gears are in excellent condition and include new bearings and seals. Input shafts are new machined but not yet keyed. Dog bone couplings are not included but a drawing can be supplied. There are no drive shafts. Two rebuildable MTC torque converters are included. One professionally rebuilt Wisconsin V4 short block and one running (distributor cap was recently broke off) Wisconsin V4 is included. Two extra complete drive axle assemblies are included (flat top). There are 6 drive axle assemblies in total.

The package also comes with 10 truck frames in various states of disassembly (two are complete and one is broken at the brake shoe hanger). Two MTC G16 passenger coaches. One is in poor state of repair the other fair. All will need to be dipped or sandblasted and painted. Top and bottom beaver tail castings are included.

There are many other parts for this train including a basket of brake cylinders, bearing boxes, brake hangers and shoes, brake linkage, and hand rails. Some new electric switches and bust bars.

Most of the difficult machining is complete. Anyone with an eye for a G16 locomotive will see simple mechanics and "fit and finish" is required to complete the project. This was a fun purchase and project as a single man. I have a family now and other priorities.

Asking $18,500.  Located in Southern Ontario, 45 minutes from Buffalo, New York.  


MTC G-12, 3 cars track trailer

Located in Redding California  12" gauge MTC locomotive and three cars 2 passenger 1 observation , large 80 foot oval track, custom trailer for moving and storage and locomotive dolly. This train was fully restored one year ago and is in pristine condition. The body was sanded all dents and rust removed. This train was custom painted with PDG automotive paint. The detail work on the paint scheme is all hand painted. This is train comes with all original manuals including the motor manual for the Wisconsin engine. The train was last run at Christmas time and was operated for 40 days and nights with no problems. The only problem was to some light wiring that was slightly damaged when loading back on the trailer. This train is loaded and ready to go. This train is as close to new, as you will ever find. No expense was spared with the restoration and the finished product is close to museum quality. My research on the train indicates it was built in 1956.

Asking $38,500
MUST SELL! $25,000 FIRM but will consider trading for 15 or 16" gauge train or combination....

16" ga. MTC G-16 Train

Miniature trains company G-16 train, locomotive all original equipment with 6 volts pos. ground, Wisconsin engine, runs perfect no smoke or any trouble. vacuum brakes and no rust anywhere. You get 2 cars with MTC trucks and couplers and the locomotive, one of the cars is a observation car. This outfit is ready to haul people and have lots of fun, if you like you could come see it and ride it at my farm just 50 min. south of the Kansas City area with a appointment. some of the brake cups are not on the passenger cars but i do have them and they will go with train. She has new urethane paint put does have small chips and dings from use with my grandkids. This train is in very good condition and will last someone for years and years. I do have a few more pics I could e mail to you if interested. The clutch and transmission are all original. I Do Not have any rail to go with this. All would fit on a 18 ft flat bed trailer and pulled with a regular size pickup truck. Train is 16" gauge but may be re-gauged to 15" or 14" with aftermarket wheels which I do not have but have been told are available through others.  $55,000.00 $48,500.00..


2 MTC E-10's, track & more

 Miniature Train Company 10" gauge trains cars & track
We have two sets of vintage miniature trains for sale. They were made in the late 1940's. We were told that there were only 36 made. One of the sets has a tag with #36 on it. The G-10 was produced for indoor Department Store use during the holidays and are slightly smaller than the G-12 which was produced for outdoor use. They originally were powered by electric motor and a drive shaft to the rear truck.
One set (completely restored and converted to internal combustion) has an 8 HP Briggs, electric start (run only once 10 years ago) . The other set (sorry, no photos) has had the drive removed during restoration. All parts except the original electric motor are here. Train wheels from this set were in the process of being replaced during the restoration which was never completed. Cast (but unmachined) wheels for this train are included.
Each set has three cars and one locomotive and will hold 12 small kids plus engineer. Observation Car and Locomotive are 16.5" wide and 8' 5" long. Remaining cars are 6' 6". All of the cars are the 16.5" wide, 17" high. Locomotive cockpit is a bit tight at 14" wide so larger engineers will need to sit above the normal seat location. Both sets have great looking paint and have been stored indoors so there is no rust. One set is $8500. One set is $7500.
Ask about 10" gauge track. There's enough portable track to make one good sized oval with a little bit left over.
In addition we have two RARE stainless steel cars . $2,000 for both. OR $16,000. for all.

24" ga. Steam Outline

National Amusement Device (NAD) 24" steam outline (looks like a steamer but it's not) from 1959 originally ran at Old Tucson AZ till the 70's. Here is your chance to get your feet off of pegs and step inside the locomotive. Tender was powered, drive train complete needs new engine (small 4 cylinder car motor). 25' long, over 6 ' high, and weighs about 6000 pounds.  Price $12,500. May be viewed / picked up in Chicago

New G16  Reproduction

G16 Brand New Fiberglass Reproduction A super nice unit that's BRAND NEW! $28,000

15" ga. Coach Frames and Trucks

2 (two) 12' x 28" side entrance coach frames (new) with 15" gauge trucks, air brakes on all trucks (trucks are new). $3500

Tom Thumb Train & Track

Tom Thumb Streamliner Train

The train is 13" gauge, but it can be regauged from 12" to 14".

This is an articulated train it has one riding car, one riding observation car, it can seat up to 16 small children.

A strong 10 horse power Tecumseh motor, there is no transmission, train only goes forward.

Equipped with two shafts that drive both front and back drive trucks.

The train has an air horn, working light and electric start.

Includes 120' of 8lb. portable track.

This train is located in San Antonio, TX. This is not a project, the train is used every weekend commercially at our corporate ranch. The price is $10,000.00

Ward Electric Train

Electric Train 110 volt Transformer, Electricity to third rail, 12" Gauge.  Space needed 41'x21', Includes Locomotive, Tender car & Caboose.  Includes Track

Train is in perfect working condition, is used in amusement rental business. Asking $5500. $5,000

Large Scale Caboose

Extremely nicely detailed caboose.  24" side by 9' long.  Ride in type.  Trucks not included. Caboose suitable for 12" gauge or larger. $7500.

 Ottaway 12" ga. coach frame & trucks

Ottaway 12" gauge passenger frame, 10 feet in length with Ottaway trucks, and 7 seat supports. Needs wood floor ( 2 x 12) and sheet metal sides (pop rivet to frame). The car dates to the early 1950's. Ottaway offered the longer 10 foot cars (normal 8 foot) towards the end of their steam run. The longer car of course allows larger children (or adults ) that nice leg room lacking in the shorter cars. Car will seat 4 , photo with finished seats shown only for comparison. Again what is for sale is the frame with trucks and 7 (of 8 needed) seat supports. Customize to your own taste or restore as original Ottaway (copy of graphics - windows doors available)

That new car you've wanted for your 12" railroad. Located in Chicago price $1050.00

MTC G-16, 2 coaches, 1 observation car

MTC G-16 #640 with 2 coaches and 1 observation car.....without a doubt the nicest original unmolested G-16 I've seen, still has original factory paint, still very presentable! No rust ever!!! Stored inside for many many years......if you want one that is all original & needs nothing but a little clean up this is it.......priced at $55k

2 foot gauge Riding Car

2 Foot gauge Riding Car, Length 12ft 6in, Width 45 3/8in, Height 76in. Note selling only riding car Located in Cartersville, Ga. 40miles North of Atlanta.   $4800  REDUCED TO $3500


MTC G-12 Locomotive & Cars

Miniature Train Corp G 12 serial # 467 circa 1953. Shell train ideal for conversion to 7 1/2" gauge or build your own trucks and power unit. Train consists of engine , 3 coaches, and observation, what you see is what is available. The train started life at the Bel Air Theatre (Drive In ) painted in traditional MTC park colors. Unfortunately the train has sat outside for a number of years and will need some body work. If you are handy with a mig welder and have some time this train could be for you. Rust wise engine, one coach , and the observation need a small amount of body work. The second coach a bit more and the 3rd coach either a planter , or lots of sheet metal work. G 12 shell train 5 pieces $2,000  Please use the handy form below if you have questions or need additional photos . Located in the Chicago area.


The Last Sandley 24"ga. 2-4-2

Sandley 24" gauge Locomotive,  sister locomotive to the Brookfield Zoo 242 just restored at Hesston (read article).  Available as you see it pictured or it can be completed. The components of this locomotive were cast or built in the early 1970's but never assembled until now.  This would then be the last "Sandley" engine ever built.

MTC G-12 Complete Railroad 1950 Miniature Train Company G-12 #243. Engine has been rebuilt and runs great. All trim (horn, lights, grab bars, lexan side windows, stainless porthole covers) is new and train has been repainted. All trucks were rebuilt 3 months ago and all cars have grab rails as well. Also included is 240 feet of steel sectional track with new clips, A custom running stand on heavy duty casters with a handle and ramp for the loco and a custom trailer that holds the whole setup. $20,000.

Missouri Kansas Texas transfer caboose, inside tubed $5,500 USD. Car number:. MKT 73

These items have been sold on the discoverlivesteam.com  web site on our For Sale page.
These items are for your reference only
Buyers for the these items have been found by placing a first class ad on this site.
No personal information about the seller or the final sale price can be given out.  Sorry, no exceptions.