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Four 7.5" ga. Rail Cars


5' flat with caboose trucks metal frame/wood deck & automatic couplers. 6' gondola all wood, 1" x 2" steel tube sill& automatic couplers. Stephenson machine trucks new 04. Two 6' "T" cars, 5/8" flooring used...the pair are run as one unit with one pair couplers for the two with a drawbar used between. Stephenson machine trucks new 08.  All cars home built by me.  

5' Flat car $450  5' Flat car  REDUCED TO $390
6' Wooden Gondola $550  6' Wooden Gondola REDUCED TO $430
Two "T" style riding cars, $550 each. 6' "T" cars REDUCED TO $410 each (pair $800)

 OR ALL FOUR for $1500   SOLD  

"Minnie" Traction Engine
(New in 2010)



2" scale "Minnie" traction engine. Steel boiler tested in 2010 by Station Road Steam.  Engine has mechanical lubricator, a Single Cylinder with Stephenson valve gear. Engine has a unique design for ash pan which has a draft mechanism/control arm. Can easily pull two people, weighs 200 plus pounds, and is 16" x 34" x 23" tall at stack.

Single water supply from side mounted mechanical pump, dual road gears. Engine has provisions to pull a cable from rear axle as prototype, with rear wheels disengaged water supply and water valve in rear of engine. Engine will need a second supply source such as injector. I have wheels for a riding cart that I'll include.

I have steamed it a few times and found the pump didn't work. I found and replaced the bad check valves. Still pumps poorly. This engine was very nicely machined and assembled. Purchased from Station Road Steam, England, in 2010 and has a successful "certificate of hydraulic test" from Station Road Steam. Asking $7500.  Reduced to $5,400

Youtube videos of other "Minnies" in operation.




Full Scale Items


3 color signal head $225.00
2 battery type switch lanterns $40.00
Brakeman lantern kerosene type red with CMST&P marking $90.00
Brakeman lantern kerosene type yellow no marking $70.00

2 Adlake switch lanterns one yellow/blue lenses, other red/ blue lenses $90.00 ea
Portable linesman's phone $75.00
Lineside box phone "monophone", no receiver $65.00



7.5" ga. Rail Systems SW7




7.5" ga. Rail Systems SW7 New 2004.  8 hp Kohler Magnum w/ electric start painted in black by manufacturer, stripes added by owner.  Hydrostatic transmission, New battery last year, airhorn.

Engine is easy starting and easy to run. Dependable locomotive that I received new from the manufacturer. Located in South East Minnesota.  Asking $5,500.00





7.5" ga. Little Engines 0-4-0 1.5" scale




Little Engines 0-4-0
New 2008.  Superscale injector, axle pump, steam brakes, Locoparts propane gas burner/ regulator.  Nice running Little Engines 0-4-0. Decent steamer. I first ran it on coal and then switched to a Locoparts propane burner which has performed well. I have two steamers and would like to sell this one. Located in South East Minnesota. Asking $9500.





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