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For Sale:
 Two Cast "Frogs" for 12 Pound Rail


2 (two) very nice cast "Frogs" for 12# rail. $200 each or $300 for the pair.


For Sale:  Hundreds of Joint Bars for 20# & 35# Rail

 Reduced - Must Go - Make An Offer


I have several hundred new (for 20# rail) and used (for 35# rail) joint bars for sale.  I am looking for offers on any or all..  To contact us, use the form below.  

 Reduced - Must Go - Make An Offer


For Sale:  16 Pound Rail (124 pieces)

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124 pieces of 16 pound rail, all rail is used and does show head wear, all rail is curved, some do have joint bars attached, these are 15 foot long.  Rail height is 2 1/4 inches.

We are asking $25 dollars per piece, that is $1.66 per foot.  We will discount if someone buys the whole lot. Rail is located in Salt Lake City area.  To contact us, use the form below. 










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