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7.5" ga. D&RG #50 w/ Car
Reduced to $5,000

Ottaway Cast Smokestacks

7.5" Rail Sys. Dash 8 Pair 
Reduced to $18,500
7.25"ga 2-6-0 Mogul & Tender
Reduced to $16,000

4.75" ga. LE Pacific Project

10.25" ga. 3" scale 4-4-0

7.5" ga. Conner Beam Engine

7.5" ga. Allen Chloe 0-4-2

MTC G-12 "Kiddieland"

7.5" Railroad Supply Bloombergs

7.5" ga. Filer/Stowell Logger
 Reduced to $7,000 OBO

Complete 1904 Cagney & Track

7.x Pennsy E6 4-4-2 Castings 

Miniature Train Co. Parts
 Reduced to $650

7.5"ga OS 2-6-0 Factory Mogul
 Reduced $17,000 OBO

7.5"Ulin 2.5"scale Mason Bogie

 Reduced to  $19,990   

7.5 Backyard Rails GP50
  Sale Pending 
 Reduced to $8,750

7.5" RMI 35 Ton Switcher

7.5 "Pocket" GP40, Car, Stands
Reduced to $10,500

7.5" ga. Electric Switcher
 Reduced to $4,500

5"ga F7 Electric UK Locomotive
 2,750 or $3,430

16" gauge Steam Outline Train

4.75" BRW Class16 R/C'd
 Reduced to $1,400

7.25"ga Rail Systems SW-1500

7.5"ga L.E.Mogul & PSC Flatcar

7.5" ga. 80 Ton GE Switcher
 Reduced to $6,075

 Start Building Tonight

Download these easy-to-follow
Gondola Plans

Build your own "riding scales" railroad car in 1/8 scale using these easy-to-follow plans.  2 average sized adults can ride comfortably on your favorite 7-1/4 or 7-1/2" gauge railroad.

Step by step photos and drawings are especially designed for modelers who are not equipped to do welding

7.25" ga. Steam Outline 

Rare 7.5" ga 8 Axle DD40
  Sale Pending 

1.5" scale Allen Mogul Parts

7.5" NKP 2-8-4 & Reefer, Trailer
 Reduced to $69,000

7.5" ga. Burlington SD Dummy
 Reduced to $14,500

7.5"ga RS SW7 Switcher &Slug
 Reduced to $12,300

4.75" ga. 4-4-2 Atlantic

7.5" Real Trains Switcher

7.5" ga. Allen Consolidation Project
 Reduced to $7,000
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7.5"ga Switcher, 2 Cars, Trailer
 Reduced to $15,000  

7.5" ga. Allen 2-6-0 Mogul

1.5" Mosley Pyle National Turbine

7.5" ga. Allen Mogul 2-6-0
 Reduced to $16,000

7.5" ga. SW9 Switcher & Calf

7.5"ga 0-4-0 Invicta,Tender & more
 Reduced $5,000

Two 3.5"ga Hudsons AS TRADE
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15" ga. 0-6-0 Electric & Cars

3/4 scale 3.5" ga Northern Project

Kid Steam Hand Pedal Trains

7.x" Blomberg Side Frame Castings
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15" ga. N&W #611 Steam Outline
 Reduced to $106,250

5" ga. Hungarian Trains

4 Grand Scale Loco Engines

3.5"ga "Anne" by George Murray

 Reduced to $3,500

16" ga. Pacific Loco Project

 Reduced to $16,000

G-16 Numberboard/Nose Badge
Bob from Pennsylvania wrote: "WOW that was so fast! I HIGHLY recommend your site to contact the right people to put our items in the right hands!"

7.25" ga. Allen Chloe

1" scale Coronation


Two Kunkle Safeties
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7.5" ga. N.G. Davenport Switcher

7.5"ga GE Dash 9 plus 2 Cars

3.5" ga. O.S. Porter Mogul Kit

Doepke Super Yardbird

14"ga. Full Railroad
 Reduced to $40,000  

7.5" ga. SD Locomotive Project

14" ga. Hurlbut Steam Outline

MDM Loco R/C Controller

3.5" ga. Pennsy K-4 Pacific
Reduced to $6,500

4.75" ga. 0-6-0 Project

3.5" ga. LE 4-8-4 Projects

7.5" ga. Powered Axle Pair

M-06 Turbo-Generator
1/2" Kunkle Safety Relief Valve

7.5" ga. Boxcab Chassis

7.5"ga Rail Sys. SW9 Switcher
 Reduced to $9,250 

3.5" ga. "Tich" Project

7.5" ga. GN SW1500 Hyd.
 Reduced $14,250

7.5"ga NW2 Electric Switcher

4.75" ga. 0-4-0 Switcher

7.5" ga. 4-4-0 American

7.5" ga. 1.5" scale Heisler
 Reduced to $9,750

7.5" ga. Allen 10 Wheeler
 Reduced to $19,000

7.5" ga. Electric Railbus
 Reduced to $3,650

7.5" 1.6" scale Tom Bee Electric

7.5" ga. Falk Logging Locomotive
 Reduced to $3,000 OBO

2.5" ga. (or Traction) Boiler

7.5 MCC Dash9 & Power Slug
 Reduced to $26,000

3/4" scale 4-4-0 Virginia Project

7.5" New Non-powered SD40

7.5" ga. 4-4-2 Atlantic Project

2' Chance Loco & Car Trucks

24" ga. Train Ride w/ Track
 Reduced to $65,000

Grand Scale NAD Train Parts

7.5" ga. Electric Alco S-4

7.x" gauge Hand Car

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7.5"ga 2.5"scale  D&RGW C-16
Reduced to $40,000

7.x" ga. Alco GE Side Frames

7.x" ga. A3 Switcher Project

7.x" Reading Camelback Castings
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10" ga. MTC E-10 & Track
 Reduced to $8,500

Railroad Home in North Carolina
 Reduced to $289,000

5" ga. Narrow Gauge Shay
Reduced to $16,400

Build a 7-1/2" ga. Railroad in your Backyard
(Includes  Dimensions for 7-1/4" Track)

1.5" scale Disney American Cab

G-16 Engine Manifold
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16"ga Allan Hershell Outline
 Reduced to $67,500
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7.5" ga. Custom Diesel Train
Bumper Sticker

Show your love for the hobby with this vinyl bumper sticker.
$2.75 each

(when you order 2 or more)
so Order

7.5" RMI Speeder (10 hrs.)
 Reduced to $5,500

15" ga. Oil Fired Shay
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Restored MTC G-12 & Track
 Reduced to $20,000  

1/8 Alco Type G Power Reverse

7.25" 3 cyl. Model B Shay (UK)
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We need your Steam, Gasoline and Electric Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Castings, Unfinished Projects, Books and Track. Click Classified Ads for details.

4.75" ga. Pennsy GG-1 in 1" scale

7.5" ga. "Lil Gasser"

Grand Scale "F" Unit Project


Custom Built Beam Engines

7.5"/3.75" scale Porter Project
  Sale Pending 

Allen Models Mogul Project
 Reduced to $700

4.75"ga "Rocket" Locomotive
 Reduced to $950  

4.75ga F7, Cars, Track, More
 Reduced to $9,995  

4.75" Iron Pony Motor Upgrade

7.5"ga"Crab"& 2 Riding Cars
 Reduced to $2,500
4.75" ga. Maxitrak Hunslet
 Reduced to $3,900  

7.5" ga. "Newbie" locomotive
 Reduced to $6,000 OBO

7.5" ga. Real Trains Switcher

7.5" Switcher Trucks & Wheels

1.5" LE 0-6-0 Switcher Project

Brand New 7.5" RMI Speeder

Brand New 7.5 RMI 25 Tonner

7.5" ga. F45 Hyd. & 4 Cars

Complete 12" ga. Train

7.5" ga. 2-6-0 Mogul Project

7.5"/2.5" scale Mich-Cal Shay
  Sale Pending 

7.25" ga. Electric Box Cab

Two 2' ga. NAD Century Flyers

Marie Estelle (& others) Cab

7.25/7.5" ga. Electric Switcher

7.5" SW1 Electric Switcher

7.25/7.5"g.Cannonball Boxcab
 Reduced to $3,500

7x" ga. LIRR/PRR G5 Project

14-16" ga. Train Wheels

7.5" ga. Narrow Ga 10-Wheeler
 Reduced to $45,000

7.5" RR Supply Consolidation

7.5" Allen 10 Wheeler Project

7.5"g Mich Cal 2.5"scale Shay

4.75" ga 1" scale LE 0-4-0

7.5" ga. NYC 4-6-2 Project

4.75" ga. 4-4-0 "American"
 Reduced to $2,000

7.5" ga. Electric Train

7.5" ga. 4-4-0 American
 Reduced to $6,850

14"-16" ga. Galloping Goose
 Reduced to $4,500  

Kid's Pedal Ride w/ Track
 Reduced to $6,175 CAD
I really enjoy your website, and thanks for all the great advertisements. I have gotten some wonderful things from the customers that put there items for sale.
Thanks, Corey

1.6" Cross Comp.Compressor

10" ga. Switcher (unpowered)

1"scale L.Engines Pacific Project

7.5" ga. 2-8-0 Consolidation
 Reduced to $25,700

7.5" ga.4-4-0 American

8" Cast Wheels & Cylinders

7.5" 1.5" scale Invicta & Tender
 Reduced to $3,500

7.5" ga. Allen Mogul Project

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Copper Boiler 

2.5" scale Tender Trucks

Dopeke Yardbird Pedal Car

 Reduced to $520

24" ga. NAD Train & Track

 Reduced $35K Motivated
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1" scale 4.75"ga Hudson & Tender

Plum Cove Upgrade Body Kits

3.5"g LE 4-8-4 Project & Tender

Re-Railing Tools

24" gauge Grand Scale Trucks

7.5" ga. Southern Class PS4

15"ga "Northern" Steam Outline


Enterprise Plastics 1500 Enterprise Way, Kent, Ohio 44240 Tel 330 346-0496  Fax 330 346-0863

Replace your noisy gas engine without losing power!


Trusted for Quality by Hundreds for 26 Years

A great Retirement Business! 
Unique Estate For Sale
18005 SW Seiffert Rd. Sherwood, OR 97140
World class railroad estate complete with gorgeous home, landscaped grounds, themed outbuildings, rolling stock and endless possibilities. Featured on CNN Money!
Represented by The Gardner Team with Hasson Company Realtors

Blue Ridge Summit Railroad
Offering this beautiful Railroad Home in North Carolina

 includes 2,500' of 7.5" ga. mainline track and so much more

  Reduced to  $289,000 

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Riding Car Kits

Build in 7 or 7 " ga.
$425 each

Dave from Illinois writes....

"Jim, I am getting slammed with!  I had no Idea so many people hit this site or I would have never listed on ebay? ...  It looks like I need to focus with your site!  I will start taking more pics and send them to you because that's what everyone wants."


Gary from Washington writes....

"We sold the train today for the asking price. It was a painless process with 10 people contacting us within the first day we listed it."

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Riding Car Kits
$450 each

Exclusive offer from Plum Cove Studio
Wheel/Axle Set

Plum Cove Studios is offering visitors a fully machined and RTR wheel and axle set  for 7.50 gauge.  This wheel and axle set is extremely heavy duty, with  the axle being CNC'd from 1" stock.  The axle measures 10-5/8ths long  with 3/8th ends.  The wheels are cast iron and measure 4 1/4 on the  tread and at 13/16th thick provide a very generous tread.  Can be shipped unassembled.  7.25"  version available. 


Reflex Glass
Sight Gauge

Reflex Glass Sight Gauge Silicon-bronze 3 prism glass 200PSI. 5/16-27 MPT.

 Bob Dean Supply Company 


Ebay is charging
plus they also charge 10% of what you charge the buyer to ship the item. That's right, you now get charged 10% of the shipping costs that you inform the buyer they must pay to ship the item.

We charge only 2%!

And your ad is FREE if your equipment doesn't sell.

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New From Cannonball

"No Welding"
Gondola Plans

now available for download

Build this railroad car in 1/8 scale using plywood and standard wood working tools.
No Welding Required


 $400 w/ Free Shipping

Grand Scale Noses,Molds,Bodies
 Reduced by 15%

2.5"scale Mich-Cal #2 Engine