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Cast Iron B&O Capital Dome Emblem

8" Diameter Steam Whistle

 Reduced to $3,200

Kunkle Safety Valves

Double Semaphore Signal


Railroad Semaphore Arm & Lenses

Railroad Station Sign


Penn Central Stainless Kerosene Container

Railroad Semaphore Signal

Baldwin Builders Plate


Pattern for a Beveled Gear

Full Size Push Style Tool Car
 Reduced to $675

Aldon 12-30# Rail Bender

  Sale Pending 

Penberthy  EE23 1-1/2 " Injector

British Cast Sign Collection
  REDUCED to $1,250 (your choice) 

Locomotive #119 Headlamp

 Reduced to $2,250

Canada Pacific Semaphores


General Railway Signal Co. Semaphores

  REDUCED to $2,250 

Railroad Crossing Signals

Diesel Locomotive Bells

Railroad Depot Waiting Room Bench

Six Framed French Locomotive Drawings

GRS Tower Indicator



Complete Switch Stand

Pettibone Switch Stand


Fairmont ROC Motor Car Engine

Boswell (Indiana) Depot Sign

Antique Car Counter


Semaphore Block Signal

REA (Railroad Express Agency) Sign

Single Light Railroad Signal


Bell from 1929 Pacific Coast Shay

Fairmont Bridge Dept Crane
 Reduced to $2,500

Fairmont Hand Pump Push Cart
 Reduced to $6,000

"Cats-Eye" Cross Buck

Historic Texas Depot built in1898

Large 15" dia. Pressure Gauge

 Reduced to $300

Pyle-National Marker Light

Full Scale Railroad Crossing Signal


Nickel Plate R.R. Signal lock

3 Ball Spring Governor


Hancock Inspirator 3 Chime Whistle


Fairmont Motor Car

 3 Axle Standard Gauge Coach Trucks

Air Horn and Steam Whistles

Locomotive #3006 Headlamp

 Reduced to $2,250 

Railroad Signal


WRRS Crossing Signals in  California


36" ga. Plymouth Locomotive

  Sale Pending 

Handlan Marker Lights from the B&O


Milwaukee Road Gang Trailer Car

MT19 Fairmont Project & Dummy Car

New York Central Cast Iron Yard Sign


GP-9 Headlight, Pyle National


Locomotive Classification Lamps

Antique Railroad Whistles


Club Car Chair

System Map


Full Scale Penberthy Boiler Reflex Gauge Glass
 Reduced to $150

3 Signals, Signs and Garden RR Set-Up

Two Upper Quadrant Semaphores


Replica Mine Car Wheels

ASME 'S' code stamped high pressure boilers

Crossing Signal with Cross Bucks
 Reduced to $900

Full Size Santa Fe Steam Whistle

Cast Iron Crossing Buck w/ Signal Light

2' ga. Rail Cart

Pair of Crossing Signals

Pullman Car Railroad Bed

OLD L&N Wooden Mail or Baggage Cart


Locomotive Control and Control Stand

Pressure Relief Valve

 Reduced to $75

Large Antique Pressure Gauge

 Reduced to $275

Vintage Railroad Sign Display on Wheels

Enamel or Wood Euro Train Station Signs

CTA Track Switch Machine

Railroad Crossing Bell


Pyle National Headlight

Dressel Locomotive Headlamp

Kunkle Safety Valve


B&O Color Position Signal

Railroad Lanterns


Metal Railroad Signs


Railroad Velocipede Vehicle

Color Light Train Order Signal

Antique Locomotive Headlight

 Reduced to $375  

3 Light Train Signal
 Reduced to $1,500

2 Lake Superior & Ishpming RR Motor Cars
  Reduced to $3,000 each

C&NW Switch Stand


2 Foot Gauge Snow Plow
 Reduced to $1,800

Milwaukee Road Semaphore Arm & Lenses
 Reduced to $1,000

2 Foot Gauge Milwaukee Switcher


Arm Strong Home Signal Lever

RR Crossing Sign


Model 5 Auto Flag Wig Wag

Pettybone Banner Switch Stand

Antique Brass Train Whistle

Sunbeam Headlight from Rutland 4-6-2


Full Scale Wooden Bell Pattern


Cast Crossing Buck w/ Signal Light

B&O Gang Car
  Sale Pending 

B&O and C&O Signals

18" ga. Porter Fireless Loco

Milwaukee Road, Union Switch & Signal Style "R" color light signals


Southern Railway 1907 Depot Scale

Locomotive Control and Control Stand



Bell and Headlamp


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Fairmont Work Train Display


Fairmont motorcar, flatcar and gang trailer car. Will need complete restoration. As is, where is. $3500.00. Located in northeast corner of Iowa.


Signal Head, Lanterns, Lineman's Phone

Click here for details.


36" ga. Plymouth Switcher



Plymouth locomotive, 36" gauge, hydraulic, chain drive. Not running. Formerly in Wisconsin ammunition plant. Located in Northeast Iowa. Selling price $3,500.00.

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