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Wanted: Steam engine boilers. Looking for a full-size horizontal steam boiler to run a rare horizontal steam engine. Prefer boiler to be 30 inches in diameter or larger. Also, would be interested in finding smaller boiler for my 5 horse power upright steam engine. Also, a full-size vertical steam boiler to run horizontal steam engine. Cash paid. 20 inch diameter or larger. Bigger the better. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
Wanted: 1947 Budd Obs. Furniture Gauge: standard gauge, Scale: full.
Our historic 1927 SAL SW Florida Depot is in the process of restoring our 1947 Budd Tavern Observation Car (SAL 6601). We are looking to procure 8 single chairs and 2 settees for the observation end. Age range/design - as close as possible, willing to fluctuate up/down in year if necessary. Please contact me with any leads/companies/collectors that I could reach out to!
LisaMarcianocolliergov .net
Wanted: Looking for a Machinist. Must know print reading, manual and CNC mill and lathe. Knowledge of steam locomotives would be a plus. If interested, email resume to:
Item being Sold: 7-1/4" Track Panels.  Description: Track panels by Lawntracks. They are very heavy duty and can stand the weather. Panels are 80" long and additional sections can be bought from Lawntracks via ebay. Rails are 3/8" X 1" hot rolled stock connected together with 1/8" X 1" stock; they are welded together to make one complete piece. Great for a home test track. Have 5 sections, looking for $30/section.
jrmayoptonline .net
Item being Sold: Old full-scale Rail for Paperweight.  Description: Original 1884 California & Nevada RR 40# wrought iron rail unearthed at Emeryville about 1995. 3-1/4 high. 1 Inch thick segment. Polished faces and engraved. Shipping: your cost. 10 segments available. Asking price: $10.
Wanted: Weir junior steam pump (full size). Desperately looking for a Weir junior steam pump to complete my steam truck. Happy to pay shipping.
WANTED: T-12 (for 10 wheeler)Boiler, 7.5 gauge, 1 1/2 or 1/8 scale.  Looking for a completed coal burning boiler that would work on a build for a D&RGW T-12 (narrow gauge) or really any Ten- wheeler or boiler bigger than that for a similar price (narrow gauge OR standard). I live in Houston Tx so anyone close who has one would help cut down cost. Don't want to spend more than $1,000 on boiler. I can immediately do $600. Willing to pick it up myself if it's located within 1-2,000 miles and boiler fits in bed of pick up.
Wanted: B&O Chime Steam Whistle Looking for an original chime steam whistle made by the B&O railroad in one of their shops.
wlewisjrcomcast .net
For Sale: Ride Trains Sound/Light/Motor Controller system with 50 amp continuous/100 amp maximum. The decoder is programmed with a GE Cummins prime mover, suitable for a small locomotive. Condition is new in box. Buyer pays shipping. Asking $400.
Wanted: Canadian Builder Plates. Looking for any Canadian related (CNR, CPR, ONR, NAR, BCR, PGE, QNS&L) locomotive builder plates. These plates can be from any builder (GE, Alco, MLW, GMD, EMD, Baldwin, etc) and can be in any shape.  *Top dollar given for any PGE/BC Rail or Northern Alberta Railway plates*. bcr_766hotmail
Item being Sold: Wooden Rail Ties Gauge: 7.25" - 7.50".  We have about 7,000 1-1/2" X 1-1/2" X 16" used treated wood ties for sale. They have been exposed to the elements but not been in the dirt. They were laid on a bed of gravel and the train ran for a number of years. We are in the Texas panhandle and our climate here is "high & dry". We currently have these stored inside in large cardboard combos. I can e-mail you a picture of some of these upon request. We are asking $.40 each. We will consider any offers and submit it to the owner of the ties.
Wanted: Leslie supertyfon Horns Gauge: full size Scale: full scale. Any condition, parts, or whole horn - broken or not.
Wanted: Vintage Railroad Marbles  Need 52 marbles made by N.C. Co, they appearto be size 9/16. Color is clear. Also need 12 of the 5/8 libby size 5.
mredshawatt .net





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