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Builder's Plate
Reproduction builder's plate "American Locomotive Company, 68056, Schenectady Works, March 1930".  13 3/8" long, 7 1/4" high, 1/2 inch thick in cast aluminum.  Black with silver colored lettering.  $50 plus $12.50 shipping.
dlslivesteam gmail
Wanted: Full scale, standard gauge Fairmont TH1/2 Hwy Trailer. Looking for more information about(or even to purchase) the Fairmont TH1 & TH2 highway trailers; the TH1's were the lighter duty trailers and were meant for track inspector cars while the TH2's were heavy duty and meant for heavier cars like gang cars.
trainlvrsbcglobal .net
Wanted: Copper boilers.
Looking for (3.5" gauge) 3/4" scale copper Hudson boiler and 3/4" Pacific boiler or 5" copper tube to build a boiler. Also, any other 3/4" projects considered.
WANTED: O.S. Porter instructions.
I just acquired an unbuilt 3.5" gauge O.S Porter Mogul, but instruction assembly booklet is missing. Any help is appreciated.
elburgercomcast .net
Wanted: 12 pound rail.
I am looking for 12 pound rail for sale near Florida/Georgia.
WANTED: The following parts needed to complete an O.S. 5" gauge Rocket - Tender with water tank (no wheels is OK) & rear wheels to loco. Parts can be used and would prefer them to have a little wear to match the loco.
elburgercomcast .net
Wanted: 7.x ga. alum track "scraps"
I am in search of some "scraps" of aluminum rail for a small display I am building. Looking for a combined length of 36" in the range of 6"-12"per section. The goal is a length of track in the 12"-15" length. a_rodi2hotmail
Wanted: Track: 7.5" or 7.25" gauge, 1/8  scale.  Looking for track for a train museum. We're in the East Grand Forks, Minnesota area, Donations would be preferred, but we could work out a price if needed. We are a 501(c)(3) charity, and all donations are tax-deductible. We do not own any 1/8 scale trains or track yet, but we are looking into getting a complete set to give rides to children during the summer months on our museum grounds. Any information as to sales on other sites would be appreciated as well. Email preferred.  NorthernLightsRailroadMuseumoutlook
Wanted: Full-scale WRRS Bell Magnet. Crossing bell magnet 5 ohm 1300 turns of 20 gauge. If you have one to part with let me know. If not, I will rebuild and maybe market them if needed.
Wanted - 40 LB ASCE RAIL Gauge: 36" Scale: full size
I am looking for 40 lb. ASCE profile rail. I need at least 20 sticks. Will accept 20 or 30 foot sticks.
tsaxonobii .net
Wanted:  Project Locomotive
Gauge: 7 1/2 Scale: 1.5 to 1.7 Looking for a 4 axle diesel that is in need of work, (an Alco RS3 would be great, but anything will keep me occupied). Unfinished projects, basket case, or long term neglected would be considered. I have moderate skill level and tooling access. I am in New Mexico, and willing to travel a reasonable distance to pick up.





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