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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Imported Trucks 


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These are imported trucks. They are NOT Tom Bee trucks, but they do look similar. Trucks used for only one weekend. Selling because I upgraded to Bee's trucks. Trucks mount with shoulder bolts (included).

$200 for the pair plus shipping. Buyer responsable for shipping quote. Figure 55 pounds. Can arrange pick up at the Florida meets in February. 



For Sale:  7.5" ga. Plum Cove Flatcar 
  Sale Pending 

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Built from a kit it's also called the "Phinneas T. Phlatt". This 16 month old flatcar has seen little track time.  Includes couplers.  Trucks are optional (see above ad). Built to accept Tom Bee trucks.

$250 for the car with couplers plus shipping. Will combine car with trucks (in above ad) for $425. Buyer responsable for shipping quote. Can arrange pick up at the Florida meets in February.  Contact me.

  Sale Pending 









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