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For Sale:  Early Adlake Classification Lamp


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Adlake Classification Lamp. An early Adlake Classification Lamp, it has 2 clear 5-3/8" lenses. On the sides, there are knobs that control the inner lenses. When you push the knobs down, the colored lenses swings into place to show different colors. The lamp comes with 2 red and 2 green 3-1/2" diameter lenses (not original). There is a mounting arm on lamp. Lamp does not rotate. The lamp is 14" tall not including the handle and is about 7" in diameter. It also weighs approximately 10 lbs.. Condition of lamp is excellent on exterior and interior. Access door sticks some, peep hole glass has a tiny crack at the edge which is hardly noticeable.

$295. Crating & shipping charges not included. Mahwah, NJ. Contact me   SOLD  








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