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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Lee Wright Loco

   Reduced to $14,950 


Lee Wright Gondola 

 Reduced to $1,800

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Built by the late Lee Wright, this is the only GE Lee built out of his 5 locomotives. It's a C30-7 and one of his earlier builds that was unpowered for years. It is a 36 volt electric which has no batteries at the moment which I replace but may be easier to ship without batteries. Also have the charger setup for it.

Rail 1" tall 12' sections, several thousand feet available. Also have fastening stuff for the rail. Write me for details.  Asking $1.00 per foot for this new rail. 

Locomotive $16,000   Reduced to $14,950    for the locomotive with new batteries.
Gondola. $2,000  Reduced to $1,800    for the gondola. 

Hopper $2,500 for the green hopper.  SOLD

Shipping not offered. Pick-up or can arrange delivery. Where are you located, we're in South Carolina right outside of Charleston? Contact me.









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