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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Lee Wright Loco, Cars & Rail 


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Built by the late Lee Wright, this is the only GE Lee built out of his 5 locomotives. It's a C30-7 and one of his earlier builds that was unpowered for years. It is a 36 volt electric which has no batteries at the moment which I replace but may be easier to ship without batteries. Also have the charger setup for it.

1" tall 12' sections, over 6,000' total. I also have fastening stuff for the rail. Write me for details.
 Sale Pending

$16,000   Reduced to $15,200    for the locomotive with new batteries.
$2,500 for the green hopper.  SOLD
$2,000  Reduced to $1,900    for the gondola. 
$1.00 per foot for this new rail. 

Shipping not offered. Pick-up or can arrange delivery. Where are you located, we're in South Carolina right outside of Charleston? Contact me.









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