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For Sale:  Buda Velocipede

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I am selling my vintage Canadian Velocipede. I believe this is a Buda, but not 100% sure. I purchased the velocipede from a personal museum in Montreal Canada a few years ago and was told by the gent he bought it direct from either CP or CN. It is 100% complete, has all the original castings and a few replaced pieces done by the railroad. Included is an original New York Central operations guide for velocipedes' and stand.

This sale is just for the yellow and res velocipede pictured, nothing else in the pictures!!!

Please don't ask if I would donate it to clubs or organizations as that is not an option. I am selling it for less than I paid but would rather keep it than give it away. Thanks for the interest and have a great day!

$1,700. Shipping is not an option. If you are interested in purchasing, have any questions or would like more detailed images, please send me an email. Southern Ontario Canada.   SOLD  .









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