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For Sale:  1" scale Little Engines Atlantic   


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I have for sale a very beautiful alantic 4-4-2 1 inch scale high line steamer. I believe it is from the early 1970 s and was a kit from little engines. It runs very strong the boiler was rebuilt about 8 years ago and has been steamed up by myself personally 4 times since. It is all here there are minor things that need to be done. It is 40 + years old I do injoy in very much but I'm not a mashinest and some things are out of my realm. I have tons of parts for it as well as 3 flat cars and some spare rolling trucks. Like I said it is a very beautiful steamer and a the talk of many clubs. 

$6,500. Shipping is not an option. Pittsfield Massachusetts.   SOLD  .









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