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For Sale:  7.5"/2.5" scale Tweetsie #12

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For sale is a almost new 2.5 inch scale 7.5 inch gauge tweetsie 12 built from Tom Artzberger RGS20 castings. The Engine was finished in April and has been ran at 3 meets and has run perfectly.

The boiler was professional built it is a steel boiler with 3/4 inch copper flues. The boiler has been hydro tested and the safety valves are set at 120 and 125 the engine and tender is plumbed with loco parts valves and fittings the tender is a loco parts tender. The Engine has a brand new steam water pump built by Brian Keim of Kiem Steam Pumps. It also has a hand pump in the tender and 2 Ohlenkamp injectors.  The engine has a working steam generator or Dynamo that will charge the battery in the tender that runs the head light and the cab lights. Also features an economy firebox butterfly door. The safety valves are Aquatrol from Loco Parts. It has a hydrostatic lubricator for the water pump and a mechanical oiler for the cylinders. The engine has steam brakes and the tender has all the plumbing and valve for air brakes and to control your car brakes. The whistle is a 3 chime Lunkenheimer.

I have the stack crown to complete the tweetsie look that is painted and ready to be installed if desired. The Engine was professionally painted with PPG Deltron automotive paint and is a beautiful Engine

I will include a large amount of coal and the start up fan and the cleaning brush and all of the necessary things to run the Engine.

The Engine is located in Banner Elk NC and I will deliver within 500 miles for a small fee. I have several videos of the engine running pulling several cars and people she is a very strong and very smooth running locomotive.

I also have a almost new tandem axle enclosed trailer set up for hauling trains that can be included with the locomotive for an additional $2,500 or can be purchased separately after the locomotive has been sold.

Please contact me for more information pictures or videos of the locomotive or trailer.

$39,000 Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Banner Elk, North Carolina.  Contact me.









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