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For Sale:  12" gauge Ottaway with Oval Track

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12" gauge Antique Ottaway Amusement Co. live steam train built in 1949. My father purchased this train in 1971, it has been in dry storage ever since. It was operational when he purchased it, but it has not run since that time. I am selling this as an entire package ONLY. The lot includes: steam engine, tender, 4 passenger cars, and track for a 100 x 60 ft oval. As you can see in the photos, the 4 passenger cars are in primer - ready for paint. My father owned an auto body shop from 1970 - 1999, so he had the passenger cars prepped for paint after he purchased the train, but never got around to painting them. He also restored some of the trucks but not all of them.

I'm asking what I feel is a fair price for the entire lot, not knowing the current condition of the boiler. I am NOT a train expert and I have no idea how to test the boiler so please don't ask me to do so. I welcome any interested party to come to Monroe, NC, where the train is located to test the boiler (if you know how to) before committing to purchase.

Here are the specs:

Engine is 33 inches tall, 5 ft. long.
Tender is 40 inches long, 22 inches tall.
Passenger cars are 8.5 ft long, 21 inches wide.
Rails are 12" gauge.  That's the standard 12" gauge for an Ottaway.

Includes 16 (brand new looking) seats - 4 per car; couplers for all cars; various box of parts and operating instructions/paperwork/factory certificate.

Even if this train never runs, the engine and tender are so beautiful it belongs in a museum. I don't say that as a sales pitch, you really have to see this train in-person to believe it. Please call or email your questions. Serious inquires only.

$35,000. Shipping is not an option. Monroe, NC.  Contact me.









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