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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Unpowered GP-40



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Offered for sale, unpowered GP-40. It is of all steel construction, with many PSC details added. 

Has provisions for head lights front and rear, ditch lights, and lights for numberboards. Bulbs, wires, battery can be added, but not included. Could be used as a DPU, or a powered slug.

Body is about 7ft long, could add a sound system, etc.  To make this a powered slug, each truck has a mount for hydraulic motors with a 4 bolt flange, 3.250" bolt hole circle, and a 1.750" pilot, with a 1" shaft. #40 chain sprockets already on the axles. Plenty of room for hydraulic hoses, and a hole at the top of the rear pilot for the hoses to mate with the powered unit.

Could be painted and lettered at a reasonable cost.

 $6,750. Buyer can pick up at Hadley Michigan, or pay all costs for shipment.    SOLD  









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