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For Sale:  1" scale Moseley Pyle National M0-6 Turbogenerator 


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Moseley Pyle National M0-6 Turbogenerator 1" scale. Here we have a new old stock never used F.L. Moseley Model Accessories Generator. This generator is hard to find in 1-1/2" Scale and almost never appears in 1" scale, but let me tell you that every bit of the detail is in it. It's insane. These were not just turbos, they are museum pieces for the most detailed possessed modelers. I have a $500 brass unit running on my 1832 beam engine and cannot keep this one because I don't use 1" scale in my yard. I have a 1-1/2" Conner Beam that I run weekly and can only imagine how this will go up on a more modern engine. It will be amazing. Any another thing a turbo is not just a decoration, it is an experience, they have a fine turbine sound when they run and I can tell you they get much attention, almost as much as running the steam engine itself. I'm including the original shipping box and protective material from Pasadena and all the old papers explaining the unit. When you purchase this I will throw in a regulator, a small circuit board that you can input as much as 30 volts and will only output what you set it to over 1 volt. This will keep you from blowing bulbs and are great if you want to run LED's You still need to supply a pressure regulator. Clippard has these for 15 dollars and it's what I use on my turbo. Get it now, it's super RARE in 1" and won't last long.

I have additional images.

$2,500.  Reduced to $2,400   Includes free overnight USPS insured delivery inside the U.S. Buyer to pay shipping outside U.S. Los Angeles, CA.  . 



For Sale:  1-1/2" Scale Pyle-National Headlight


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Rare Pyle-National Headlight by F.L. Moseley in 1-1/2" scale. Rare impossible to find museum quality piece.


Socket for flange-type, PR-2, 2-1/2 to 3 volt bulb
Individual bulb for each number board light.
Body and other parts are cast in sharp detail by lost wax process.
Number board numbers visible by daylight or by internal illumination.
Metal reflector
Angled sides with glass and lights.

$1,000. Free Priority 2 day shipping included inside the US only. Buyer to pay shipping outside US. Los Angeles, CA.  Contact me.










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