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For Sale:  7.5" gauge Arch Bar Trucks

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For sale is a kit for 2 bar trucks in 7.5" gauge. All machining is complete. Dissassembled for shipping. Assembles with hand tools. Everything is included (wheels, axles, bearings, springs and stainless steel hardware) there are parts for 2 complete trucks. (the picture only shows 1) these trucks will fit on most 7.5" rolling stock cars. machined manually all parts are steel except wheels which are cast Iron.

Asking $450 includes shipping in 2 flat rate boxes. Payment by paypal. Pick up is also an option  North Eastern PA.  Contact me.


For Sale:  (1.5 or 1.6" scale) 16 Machined Cast Iron Wheels


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I have for sale 16 machined Cast Iron Wheels. These wheels have been machined to IBLS standards from Iron Castings. They are approximately 4 3/8 diameter at the flange and 4" on the tire diameter.

 I will sell in lots of 4 for $100/4 + $25 shipping for any quantity. North Eastern PA.   SOLD  .


For Sale:  4 Cast Aluminum Reefer Doors 


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4 Cast Aluminum Reefer Doors. Approx 4-1/8" square 1/4" thick

$100 OBO for the set. North Eastern PA.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Cast Iron Machined Flat Backed Wheels

.   SOLD  .

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2 sets of 8 cast iron machined flat backed wheels. For 7.x gauge. Castings have been machined to IBLS Wheel standards. they have a 5/8" reamed hole for press fit onto axles they are approx. 4 3/8" in diameter at the flange and 4" at the tire diameter.

Note one set has the 2 mounting holes in the back the other does not

Asking $200 / set of 8 + $25 Shipping for any quantity. Payment by Paypal. North Eastern PA. 
 .   SOLD  .









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