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For Sale:  3.5" ga. Little Engines 4-8-4 Northern Project

 Reduced to $2,500

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Little Engines 3 1/2 gauge 4-8-4 Northern locomotive. I had the boiler hydro tested a week after I acquired the engine and it past. The locomotive is 90% done. Comes with a Little Engines blue print book. The tender is 95% done, all it needs is the plumbing for the water lines going to the engine.

List of what the locomotive needs...

- proper water sight glass
- lubricator
- steam injector
- smoke box door front
- Johnson bar
- check valves
- safety valves

I'm asking $5,000  Reduced to $2,500  for the locomotive and tender. If you have any questions about the locomotive please contact me. Shipping is not an option. Prophetstown, Illinois. Contact me.









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