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For Sale:  Two Custom Built Vertical Boilers

 Reduced to $900 FOR THE PAIR !  

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Custom built coal, gas or wood vertical boiler with PM research vertical boiler. Boilers come with Condenser/Oil Trap, Water Tank and Manual Water Pump. Custom boiler was only fired on gas twice and was last hydro tested on May/2016 PM Vertical Boiler was last hydro tested in May/2015.

$1,400 Reduced to $900 for BOTH !   Buyer pays shipping costs. Canton, NC  If I have failed to answer any questions in this ad, please feel free to contact me.


For Sale:  Norfolk & Western Brass Cylinder Plate Cover


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Norfolk and WesternY6b brass cylinder plate cover. From the Norfolk & Western, Roanoke Shops.

$600. Shipping included. Asheville, NC Contact me.


For Sale:  Norfolk and Western S1a Builders Plate 

  Reduced to $2000 OBO

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Norfolk and Western Class S1a #421 Roanoke Shops May, 1952 This plate is from 0-8-0 #216 This locomotive was scrapped in July 1959 Just over seven years old..This is a 10-1/4" round brass plate in excellent condition. The plate has been refinished on the front with a black background and polished highlights. The Back pf the plate retains original patina....If you still have questions about this builders plate feel freen to email. I may consider other reasonable offers than the asking price.

$6,000.  Reduced to $2000 OBO  Shipping included. Asheville, NC Contact me.









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