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For Sale:  Narrow Gauge (3" scale) 7.5" ga. 0-4-4 Electric Forney Project



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3 inch scale Narrow Gauge 7.5" ga. 0-4-4 electric Forney. 5' 8" long 18"s wide 29" tall. Weighs 350 pounds. Mostly made from 6061 aluminum to keep the weight down. Two 350 watt 24 volt motors, maximum geared for 8 miles per hour.

There's space under the hood for electric controls 7.5" steel tired drivers. RMI trailer and truck with swing link bolster. Most parts have been powder coated. Buyer to finish the cab, piping details and electric controls.

$7,495 Located in Yakima, Washington. Buyer to pay crating ($80) and actual shipping costs.










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