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For Sale:  2.5" scale 2 cyl. Mich-Cal Shay Engine  

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2.5" scale 2 cylinder engine for a 2.5" scale Mich-Cal Shay as drawn by William Harris. Stuart Turner No. 1 castings were used for the cylinders and steam chests. Contact me for a complete list of completed and needed parts.

Also included are enough model bolts for assembly, and the three sheets of engine drawings by William Harris. Cash, check or PayPal.

$1,900. Shipping included. Buyer pays insurance and I will pay shipping to the lower forty-eight. Cleveland, Ohio. Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Plastic Ties



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Accutie Railroad Ties - 2 unopened, boxes of plastic railroad ties. Actual gauge is 7-5/8 gauge for 7-1/2" gauge trains. Fits 7/8" base. 42 per box.

$54. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Cleveland, Ohio. SOLD.









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