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For Sale:  7.25" ga. Barn Find Tank Car

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This appears to be a home made tank car that was part of a barn find I discovered last spring.  The tank car is made from an actual tank, with 2 hoses coming out the one end.  I am unsure of the origins of the tank.  I have a picture of the numbers on the end in case it helps anyone.  My guess is the gentleman planned on using it as a propane car for his propane fired steam locomotive which never ended up being completed.  The car has one scale (non operating) coupler on one end, and a home made coupler on the other.   I attached pictures of both ends.  The car is roughly 56" long coupler to coupler, 20" high, and 15 inches wide.  The diameter of the tank is roughly 14".  The trucks spin and the springs are still strong.   Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.  

Asking $375.  Buyer is responsible for any shipping and crating charges, however I can assist with shipping any way I can.  Located in Plains, Pennsylvania. Contact me.


For Sale:  Tannewitz Model GH Bandsaw



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I am selling my Tannewitz model GH bandsaw.  We bough this to cut planks for a 29 foot Chris Craft boat we restored, and have no longer have use for it.  I know it isn't your typical "live steam" machine shop equipment, but I figured I would try here to see if anyone has a use for it.  It comes complete with the optional and much desired power feeder. 

The saw has a 19'-6" blade length, powered by a Lincon AC Motor (motor stats below)

    - Frame: 256TC
    - RPM: 865
    - HP: 7.5
    - Volts: 230/460 
    - Phase: 3
    - Amps: 25/12.5
    - Hertz: 60
    - Service Factor: 1.0

The transformer on the side of the saw is for the power feeder.  H.V. 480x240 , L.V. 240/120.   The power feeder is powered by a Reliance DC motor. (feeder motor stats below)

    - 1 HP
    - 1725 RPM
    - 180 Volts
    - Type: TPR
    - Amps: 4.8
    - Frame: FZ56HC
    - Serial: T5GH1033SPL

Attached is a Reliance Dodge Tigear reducer Gearbox (stats below)

    - Mod: MR94754
    - Size: 56
    - Ratio: 211-41
    - RPM IN: 1751
    - Max input HP: 0.57
    - Service Factor: 1.1

Feel free to ask any questions, and I will do my best to answer them.  More pictures available upon request.  Need space in my shop, so it needs to go! 

Asking $7,500.  Located in Plains, Pennsylvania.  I can help with loading / shipping any way I can.   Contact me.


For Sale:  Brass Rod Stock


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Lot #1

Brass Rod Stock I'm selling a lot of brass stock that I have no use for.   Included are three rods 2 inch diameter x 44" long brass rod stock.  They weigh roughly 42 lb each.  Also included is a 47" long piece of brass flat stock, and 3 miscellaneous smaller brass rods roughly 30" in length.  .  I have seen 3 foot long 2 in dia. rods sell upwards of $300 a piece in the past.   Please feel free to ask questions. 

Asking $500 for this lot. Located in Plains, Pennsylvania. .   Contact me.

Lot #2

Mixed lot of brass!  I am selling this entire lot as one package.  Lot includes:

    - One 2" diameter by 22" long rod stock
    - One 1" diameter by 14" long brass rod stock
    - Two 4" diameter by 2.5" long brass rod stock (12 lbs a piece)
    - One 1.5" diameter by 13" long brass rod stock (with rough cut ends)
    - One 1.5" diameter by 2-7/8" long brass rod stock
    - One 1-1/16" x 13/16" x 10" long flat brass stock
    - One 1-5/16" diameter by 5.5" long brass rod stock
    - 6 pieces of misc. size hollow brass tubing (1/2" - 3/4" O.D.)
    - Lot of 19 misc. rods ~ roughly 3/16" diameter
    - Roughly 3/4" diameter by 13.5" long hexagonal shaped rod
    - One 1.5" diameter by 6" long brass rod stock
    - One 1-3/16" diameter by 3.5" long brass rod stock
    - One 16.5" long "T" shaped rod
    - 1/8" x 3/4" flat stock pieces (16.5", 6", 15.5", and 24" in length).  Has misc. holes cut in it.
    - Two 3/16" x 7/16" by 8" long flat brass stock
    - One 2-1/2" diameter by 1.5" long brass rod stock
    - Also included is one random pile of small brass pieces (See picture)

All measurements were made with a tape measure and are approximate.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Asking $500 for the lot.  Located in Plains, Pennsylvania.

Asking $500 for lot #2. Located in Plains, Pennsylvania. .   Contact me.

Item 3.

A piece of 4" diameter by 12" long brass rod stock.   The piece weighs roughly 50 pounds. 

Asking $250. Located in Plains, Pennsylvania. .   Contact me.









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