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For Sale:  7.25" ga. Barn Find Tank Car

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This appears to be a home made tank car that was part of a barn find I discovered last spring.  The tank car is made from an actual tank, with 2 hoses coming out the one end.  I am unsure of the origins of the tank.  I have a picture of the numbers on the end in case it helps anyone.  My guess is the gentleman planned on using it as a propane car for his propane fired steam locomotive which never ended up being completed.  The car has one scale (non operating) coupler on one end, and a home made coupler on the other.   I attached pictures of both ends.  The car is roughly 56" long coupler to coupler, 20" high, and 15 inches wide.  The diameter of the tank is roughly 14".  The trucks spin and the springs are still strong.   Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.  

Asking $375.  Buyer is responsible for any shipping and crating charges, however I can assist with shipping any way I can.  Located in Plains, Pennsylvania. Contact me.









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