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For Sale:  24" ga. Chance C.P. Huntington


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24" Gauge Chance C. P. Huntington train available.

Locomotive, 4 Passenger Coaches. Operational, requiring minor running gear, brake system and drivetrain maintenance and repairs. Site Inspection required.

Additional pics available. Contact for site inspection scheduling. 

$139,000. Buyers pays for all rigging, logistics and relocation expenses. Western PA Contact me.


For Sale:  12 pound Rail & Switches (MTC) 

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12# Rail. Approx 4,000 feet of 12# x 30' Used Rail available, in Western PA area.

Five Switches including:

  • (3) Cast Miniature Train Co frogs

  • (3) MTC #TSW-36 "Train Speed Thru Switch" stands

  • (2) frogs are fabricated.

Site Inspection required. Most rail is still assembled as track. Buyer to disassemble and arrange for all tools, labor, rigging and logistics required. More pics available upon requests.
Contact for additional details. 

$12,900. Buyer removal required. Western PA Contact me.









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