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For Sale:  Ohlenkamp-built 1897 Baldwin 4-4-0 American

 Reduced to $18,000  


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7.5 gauge 1.5 scale model of the 1897 Baldwin 4-4-0 American class Number 7 locomotive displayed at the Henry Ford museum.

Scratch built by Master machinist and pattern maker Emery Ohlenkamp and completed in 1984. It has a dovetail copper boiler, coal fired, and the tender is brass. All the patterns and casting were produced by Emery along with two injectors he designed cast and machined. Last boiler test 2003. The Locomotive was mostly run at the Illinois live Steamers and Mid-South live Steamers track.

$20,000.  Reduced to $18,000 Shipping is not an option. Western Chicago suburbs.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Essex Hydrostatic Lubricator


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Essex Brass Hydrostatic Lubricator. Oil reservoir 2 1/4"x2 1/2" manufactured in Detroit Mi.

$295. Reduced to $225  Shipping included.  Western Chicago suburbs Yorkville II.

    SOLD  .


For Sale:  7-1/4" & 7-1/2" Fairmont Speeder & Dummy & Cars

 ALL  SOLD    

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Fairmont Speeder; 2-1/2 HP Honda engine, 5 Speed transmission, disk brake, 4130 Billet steel wheels - CNC Machined - Black Oxide Finish,

Dual gage 7-1/4" & 7-1/2", Powdercoated Orange, 185 lbs, 44"long x 20-1/2"wide x 16" seat height x 24" to top of bars.

Comes with Riding dummy car, Hopper car, and Flatbed car. Excellent condition. Retails for over $8000 asking $4000.

Flat and Hopper can be sold separately.   SOLD 

  The Speeder and speeder riding car are a pair   SOLD 

$4,000.  Free shipping within 300 miles of Chicago if you buy the set at this price.  Western Chicago suburbs Yorkville II. 60560 Contact me.



For Sale:  Lombard Pressure Gauge



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Antique Brass Lombard Iron Works pressure gauge. Dimensions 10" wide 2-1/2" depth

$225.   SOLD    Shipping included.  Western Chicago suburbs Yorkville II. 60560 Contact me.


For Sale:  Lunkenheimer Brass Whistle



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Lunkenheimer brass whistle. Overall height is 16" 4" diameter. Valve moves freely.

$295.  Shipping included.  Western Chicago suburbs Yorkville II.  Contact me   SOLD 









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