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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Santa Fe Locomotive

Bidding has closed and the winner had been notified.  Thank you for your bid.


7.5" gauge gasoline-powered Santa Fe Diesel Locomotive #930.  Modeled after a Santa Fe locomotive built in October 1993 that hauled freight.

Purchased used in 2010 by the Lehnis Railroad Museum in Brownwood, Texas. The engine is a Dash 8 built by Rail Systems in Southern Oregon.  This company closed a few years ago, but parts could possibly be purchased from Train Works. It was used for several years until an electric locomotive was purchased. Features a 16HP Van Guard gas engine by Briggs & Stratton.It also has a battery starter, compressor, air hoses and air storage tank. Has been kept stored inside in the train barn.

It does need some repairs: The springs on the trucks do not stay in. The starter motor needs work or replacement. The engine itself was in good working order when it was taken out of service.

We are offering this beautiful locomotive at bid. $8,000 is the opening bid.

Bidding Closes March 10th at 5pm.   We will be contacting bidders on March 11, and if there are any ties we will be offering the chance for those bidders to increase their bid if they want to.

Top offer will be excepted. Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Brownwood, Texas. Please contact us to place your bid or would like more information. Include phone number and email address!











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Bidding has closed and the winner had been notified.  Thank you for your bid.









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