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For Sale:  7.5" RMI "Sweet Creek" Frame

 Reduced to $300


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7.5 in gauge RMI Sweet Creek frames. Flame cut and supplied by RMI. Two Sweet Creek drive wheels unmachined. Pair of drive wheel sets for a D&RG#50 from RMI. Frames and wheels untouched just as recieved. Bundle and save one price takes it all. $500. 

$500. Reduced to $300  Shipping can be arranged. Gladewater Tx.  Contact me.


For Sale:  7.5" D&RG #50 Project & Car


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7.5 ga. scratch built "start" to a D&RG #50. 5.5 hp electric start Honda connected to an Eaton #7 hydra static transmission. Parts cut from 1'' steel and machined by me. The riding car is all 1/8'' aluminium with the best 2.5'' scale Wright Rail trucks with all the proper casting marks.

This is a great starter set and I have a few detail parts that go with it. This thing is a real stump puller and out performs most club locomotives working all day long without fail. It's a heavy loco and I built it to be durable just not in the hobby much anymore. Great value to someone looking to finish the detailing or use it as a workhorse. Loco and car together, prefer not to split.

$4,000. Shipping is not an option. Gladewater Tx.  Contact me SOLD


For Sale:  Nardini (Clausing) 20''X 60'' Lathe

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Nardini (Clausing) 20''X 60'' lathe a big work horse with a D1-8 camlock spindle with a 15'' Buck three jaw massive chuck, cxa quick change tool post and a RHOM live center.

$7,500.  Shipping can be arranged. Gladewater Tx.  Contact me.


For Sale:  K.O. Lee tool & Surface Grinder

 Reduced to $500  

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K.O. Lee tool and surface grinder. B2060BB. Comes with all the accessories shown and extra grinding wheels. Runs and works great just not needed anymore. Serious inquiries please and i have a forklift available for loading. This is a great American made piece of tooling. 1/2 hp three phase 220 or 440 volt and I have a static converter to run it on single phase also as it has very little power draw. I'm pricing this machine at half of what some on eBay are listed for.

$1,500.  Reduced to $500   Shipping can be arranged. Gladewater Tx.  Contact me.









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