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For Sale:  7.5" Little Engines Pacific

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Little Engines Pacific built from LE plans by Ed Shofstall of Tulsa, Ok. I am second owner purchased in 2012. Steamed occasionally on private west coast rail track in Edmond, OK. This Engine is loaded with all the extra's and everything functions as designed. Mosely turbogenerator for headlight and class lights, twin cylinder feedwater pump, just overhauled with new gaskets, steam operated bell ringer, steel boiler with copper tubes, Reeves injector, hand pump on tender, axle pump, scale whistle, 3 chime superscale whistle under the running board. Coal burner, operating pressure is 125lbs. Coles prototypical valve handles on backhead. Boiler treatment always used and Boiler always drained and opened after each steaming.

This is a very nice, fast, well balanced engine with running gear in excellent shape. 45 foot radius min. curves. CNW passenger livery Road number 655. She steams effortlessly. Would make an excellent one and only steam locomotive for those who love the hobby. Available for easy pickup from mainline lift.

 Reluctant sale. $20,000.  Edmond, Oklahoma. Local pick up only.  Contact me.



For Sale:  7.5" ga. Allen 10 Wheeler 

 Reduced to $17,500

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#914 Allen 10 wheeler, 1.5" 7.5" gauge.

  • 2 Chicago injectors

  • Keim air pump

  • brakes on Engine and Tender with gauges

  • Full cab lighting including site glass

  • injector overflow lighting

  • Headlight with dimmer

  • Fully functional speedometer

  • Coal burner

Limited steam time. Excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition, LSB boiler treatment used religiously, boiler opened and drained after a steam up.

$20,000  Reduced to $17,500  in Edmond, Oklahoma. Pick up only.  Contact me.



For Sale:  7.5" ga. Heisler  



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Heisler #5 1.5" 7.5" gauge.

  • 2 trucks powered

  • Functioning air brake pump on all 3 trucks

  • Ohlenkamp injector

  • Functioning battery powered headlight.

Minimal steam time. Excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition.

$11,000  Reduced to $10,250  in Edmond, Oklahoma. Pick up only.   .










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