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For Sale:  7.x" ga. Cast Iron Wheels 

** NOT machined - rough castings **

The 2 photos above are examples of finished wheels. Finished wheels are not available.

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Set of 8 (unmachined) cast iron freight car wheels for 1.5" 1.6" scale railroading. Discounted for minor blemishes - Get a great deal. All dimensions are approximate:

Outside Diameter of Flange area: 4.7"
Outside Diameter of thread area: 4.37"
Rim Width: 1.24"
Hub Width: 1.5"
Hub Diameter:1.35"
Weight Each wheel: 3.2 lbs

IBLS wheel profile

More that 20 sets available.

Regular Price - $95.00 for a set of 8 wheels + $13.00 per set shipping.

Discounted for minor blemishes (Blemishes will be machined away when your wheels are machined) - $50.00 for a set of 8 wheels + $13.00 per set shipping.

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