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For Sale:  NEW 20HP Piston-Vavle Steam Engine  

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Brand new 20 hp piston-valve steam engine manufactured by Mike Brown. Two cylinders-3 inch bore, 4 inch stroke, double-acting, 90 V 20-hp @ 200 psig and 700 rpm. No longer manufactured. Wt. 150 lbs.

$6,500. Eastern Oregon  Contact me.


For Sale:  NEW Everett Vertical Fire Tube Boiler 

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Brand new 56.8 sq. ft. vertical five tube boiler manufactured and certified by Everett Eng.  

Comes with blow down valves(2), tubular sight glass(1), trycucks(3), main stop(1), safety valves(1@195 psi & 1 @ 200 psi, gauge, handpump (supply only), stack, cone, jacket, insulation, grate, door, plumbing code certification, base plate, injector and plumbing. Stack and cone are stainless steel.

Original cost $19,985 in 2005. Has never been used. MAWP 200 psi. Max steam cup 284.8/ lb/hr. MFG SE NO 74243.

$19,000. Eastern Oregon  Contact me.


For Sale:  NEW 3-HP Two Cylinder Steam Engine


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Brand new 3 hp two cylinder steam engine manufactured by Mike Brown. Comes with 24 volt generator set up to generate power for off grid.

$2,000. Eastern Oregon  Contact me.









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