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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Plum Cove Train 


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You could have seen this train running on 7.5" track from Michigan to Florida. This is a Plum Cove with remote control and an all steel powder coated body. Included is the engine, riding car and reefer.

The Plum Cove comes with two AC Delco deep cycle Voyager batteries, couplers and remote control for Forward/Reverse, Light On/Off, Light Hi/Low and Horn.

The riding car has a removable seat with diamond plate on the top surface, couplers and Tom Bee trucks with brakes.

The Reefer has a top that will open for storage and couplers.

All three pieces for $4,200. Will not split at this time. Shipping is not an option. Danville, KY  Contact me.









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