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For Sale:  3.5" ga. "Princess Marina" Mogul 2-6-0 with Tender 

  Reduced to $3,800

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Rare 3.5" gauge Mogul "Princess Marina" 2-6-0 Live Steam with Tender. Coal fired or runs on compressed air. Never fired. Great condition. Needs paint and some touch-up. Ran with compressed air. No mechanical issues.

Background info: Previous owner, Ken Wallis, my stepfather - designer of STP-Paxton Turbocar, 1967 Indianapolis 500, driven by Parnelli Jones for team Granatelli. First turbine-powered racecar.

Great condition.  Needs some paint and finishing touches but it runs great. Never fired. Only compressed air.  Sold with very detailed 36 page complete technical publication and schematics. Tremendous detail on everything including construction and operation in the publication. 

Everything on the locomotive and tender was well maintained and operational. Like new - never fired. My stepfather was an engineer for decades and took great care to keep it running, and having rebuilt cars with him for many years, I know how meticulous he was regarding mechanics. I saw him operate it on his property with compressed air, and since then the locomotive has been carefully secured and stored for the past several years. I don't know how to run it so it hasn't been "flipped on" since it was stored.

My stepfather ran a series of tests when he purchased the locomotive, including pressure tests. He spent nearly 2k on a hydro pressure testing device just for that purpose. Operating pressure 80psi. Tested to 160psi. Not run or tested in several years. 

The train and components appears to be a mix of steel and iron, maybe some copper. Not entirely sure. What I can say is that the locomotive is heavy. Approximately 150lbs.

Valve gear, boiler, buffer beams, safety valves, water gauge, running boards, trimmings, break gear and valve, and on and on. A complete locomotive. 

Locomotive dimensions below Back to back wheel base: 3.5 inches Length: 30 inches Height: 10 inches Width: 8 inches Tender dimensions below Back to back wheel base: 3.5 inches Length: 19 inches Height: 8 inches Width: 7 inches 7.

Sold as is. 

$7,800.  Reduced to $3,800  Buyer pays for crating & shipping costs. Los Angeles, CA.   Contact me.









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