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For Sale:  24" ga. Locomotive, Coaches & Track Rail

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24" gauge amusement park train ride model S-24 'Iron Horse' manufactured by Miniature Trains Corporation in 1970. Identification number S-24-46-70.

  • The locomotive is roughly 15' 6" long excluding the pilot. Ford engine starts and runs fine, brakes need attention. This was the 46th such engine, it was manufactured in 1970, and a total of 49 of these engines ever produced.

  • Also included are 2 passenger coaches. Each 17' long, excluding couplers (which are attached to the cars).

  • Also approximately 2,100 feet of 12 pound rail in 30' long pieces.

Locomotive and cars in in good condition, but will need to be gone through with some repairs needed to be 'usable. One false driver wheel has been repaired with a new tire but is usable as-is.

More pix available on request. Also have the history of the train.

$35,000. Buyer pays for shipping costs. Wilkes Barre, PA .   Contact me.









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