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For Sale:  1-1/2" scale Profile Rail


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1-1/2 inch scale Profile Rail. This rail is typically used in 7.5 inch gauge. This is the same rail used at Mill Creek Central Railroad. in Ohio. The rail is 12 ft aluminum new and unused rail. Selling as a whole lot together which includes, approximately 6,000 ft of rail, with all of the connector straps, nuts, bolts, washers, track screws, custom made rail bender, and any wooden railroad ties that were cut to start on the railroad. not sure how many were cut. Need to sell due to my husband health that we are unable to build our railroad. We are located in the Greater Cincinnati Ohio area.

We are asking $7,000 or best offer. Delivery can be an option with in 200 mile radius for a delivery fee. Near Cincinnati Ohio.  Contact me










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