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For Sale:  7.5" ga Lumber Mill Locomotive "Heisler" Style


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7-1/2 ga. Ride on, lumber mill, home built-style steam motor used for utility work over mill narrow gauge trackage. Approx 3" Scale. Wood fired, fire tube boiler. Steel. Copper-nickel flues. Antique bottle-style engine. 2" x 3". Nagel or Wahl? Flyball governor. Reversing gear drive to Heisler style drive line. Injector feed. Lukenheimer lubricator. Brass whistle. Worthington style bronze water pump with fire hose. Lever operated track brake. 12" wide deck. 60" length. 425 lbs. With Tan Bark flat and disconnect trucks. Steel gurney. Built about 1992 and newly dismantled, rebuilt, repainted.

$4,500. Priced for your trouble to drive and pick up. Shipping is not an option. Crescent City California.  Contact me   SOLD  









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