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Pumpkin Patch Train
For Sale:  15" gauge 4-4-2 Atlantic Steam Locomotive #97


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15" Gauge 4-4-2  Live Steam Oil fired Atlantic steam engine, 20" boiler  2" flues (needs flues)  great steamer, boiler in good condition, just need flues, air brakes, sanders, 16-1/2" drivers  36" wide and approx 20' long .

$75,000 or best off or trade for 63-67 Corvette Coupe.  Price does not include shipping charges. Cincinnati Ohio. Contact me with your questions. 


Pumpkin Patch Train Ride
For Sale:  24" ga. National Amusement Device Train



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24" gauge National Amusement Device train, consists of one green steam style locomotive, gasoline powered with 6 cylinder Ford industrial engine and six 18' coaches. Needs some restoration. Was last run in 2009. Coaches are NAD coaches as well. Tube steel frames with aluminum floor.

$30,000  Reduced to $25,000 FIRM   Arranging transport is the responsibility of the buyer. Cincinnati Ohio. Contact me with your questions.   SOLD  


Pumpkin Patch Train Ri
For Sale:  N&W #611 Whistle Reproduction


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This is a reproduction whistle from the famous N&W Class j 611 engine. Several years ago Mr. Preston Claytor loaned the Whistle Shop in Waterford Mi. the original 611 whistle to the Whistle Shop to build an exact duplicate of the original. Whistle reproduction sales helped fund the restoration of N&W 611.  

It is a 3 chime steel whistle rather than brass as the original but made exactly as the original. It has a valve built into it and has a 2" inlet. weighs about 55 lbs.   For sound purposes it was tested on Pere Marquette #1225  and sounded great even at a lower pressure of 250 psi than the 300 psi 611 runs.  

$1,250 plus shipping . Cincinnati Ohio. Contact me with your questions. 









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