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For Sale:
.5" ga. Southern Railway 4-6-2 "Pacific", Cars, Trailer


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7.5 Southern Railway's Pacific 4-6-2 coal fired steam locomotive number 1407. Includes tender, passenger cars, caboose, transport trailer, tools, and parts.

Engine is a fantastic runner and stunning looking engine. Engine and tender weight is approximately 975 pounds empty. Last fired spring 2017. Engine is in Colorado. Summer at Colorado Live Steamers. Winter in Aurora (Denver), CO, heated garage.

  • Boiler age 1985, construction unknown

  • Water Capacity: approximately 25 gallons in the engine and 35 gallons in the tender.

  • Builder: unknown

  • Boiler Certification: current to May 2018. Hydro test shows small single pin hole in smoke box flu sheet. Pin hole is nonexistent when engine is fired.

  • Operating pressure: 120 PSI ENGINE

  • Fully detailed with gold lines and lettering, engine and railroad name, line and numbers. Including gold lines on wheel spokes

  • Soler II dual piston steam operated feed water pump mounted to look like air compressor

  • Superscale water injector

  • Axel water pump

  • Automatic cylinder cocks

  • Large horizontal 4 chime whistle mounted to look like air tank

  • Original Moseley Turbogenerator.

  • Pyle National Type MO-6. FULLY FUNCTIONAL! Powers the locomotive head light.

  • Lighting: headlight powered by turbogenerator, cab lights powered by battery, caboose marker lights powered by battery Electric bell.

  • Custom made digital recording of a steam locomotive bell. Powered by battery. Switch on tender facing cab. Speaker mounted to first passenger car.

  • Superscale safety valves set at 123psi and 128psi

  • Start up draft via compressed air connection

  • One blow down valve also functions as an input for initial water

  • Steam operated brakes on all 6 drive wheels MAJOR REPAIRS 6 drive wheels,

  • Steel tires added approximately 2011 by Jay McClelland Custom Machine Shop

  • Axel pump. Rebuilt approximately 2012 by Jay McClelland Custom Machine Shop

  • New fire grates summer 2013

  • Replaced throttle valve. Summer 2016


Two Vintage passenger cars hold 4 persons each Wooden Caboose All Manufactured by Mountain Car Company.


2002 US Cargo utility trailer. 5 sets of track installed. Holds engine, tender and all 3 cars (trailer in photos is the same model as the unit being sold but  may differ slightly).


Approximately 15 foot long steel rolling rack for transferring or working on engine or cars Transfer plates Bags of Pocahontas coal Significant quantity of tools, paint and spare parts. Too much to list. All kept in a large multi section and multi drawers rolling tool kit.


$37,000.  Denver, Colorado Everything I have fits inside my trailer. Depending on where buyer is, I can deliver, he can pick up or we can find someone to pull the trailer to his location.  Contact me.










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