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For Sale:  Concrete Whistle Post (Reproduction)

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Concrete Railroad whistle post reproductions. These posts are made to New York Central spec, they posts are poured to order, and take 4 days to pour, break out of mold, and cure out enough for safe delivery.

Posts are 8 feet high, from top to bottom, standing 5'7" when planted 30 inches in the ground, as recommended.

Cost for an unpainted post is $100. The post can be painted to your preference, but it'll be up to you to do it. (they have to cure for at least 15 days before any paint can be applied)

Delivery within 150 miles of Dayton OH, is available at $1.00 per mile. (if you live just out of that range, be sure to include your location and we'll try to work something out.)

Due to the excessive weight and generally fragile nature of fresh concrete, any other means of shipping is not optional.

Posts weigh in at about 250lbs, give or take 10 pounds, Installation and transport is manageable with 2 men and a pickup truck.  Dayton, OH.   Contact me.









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